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  • 20 days ago | Reviews

    Motion City Soundtrack Panic Stations (Epitaph) Lots of bands run out of new ideas by the time they record their sixth album. That wasn't a problem for Motion City Soundtrack with Panic Stations, due out Friday, because pop-punk isn't about new id...

  • 21 days ago | Concert Review

    Teens of multiple genders leaping into one another, swearing, sweating, singing loud (real loud) about drugs — the FIDLAR show at the Varsity Theater last night was the stuff of Joe Soucheray’s nightmares. (“And they can just hop on the Green Line...

  • 27 days ago | Pop Culture

    You were in your car one afternoon last month. No one on the Current would stop talking. Both of the new rap oldies stations were three days into a week-long “Gin and Juice” marathon. But you happened to catch KDWB in a rare moment between commerc...

  • 2 months ago | Concert Review

    Miguel Pimental lacks the charisma of a natural-born superstar and doesn’t have the easy stage presence of a well-groomed professional entertainer to fall back on. But few artists to emerge this decade sing or write about the intricate negotiation...

  • 3 months ago | Concert Review

    Watching Morrissey perform is about as likely to transform a casual observer into an adoring fan as seeing a cross is to convert an agnostic to Christianity. The onetime college-rock idol's sold-out Fitzgerald Theater appearance was as much ritual...

  • 6 months ago | Concert Review

    Father John Misty First Avenue, Minneapolis Saturday, April 4, 2015 Acid trips will blur the borders of your identity. So will falling in love. Josh Tillman claims that his alter ego Father John Misty, an expansively mythological projection of his...


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