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1996 Stories by Josie Rawson

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  • Homes for the Holidays

    published December 18, 1996

    MONDAY WAS MOVE-IN day at the Archdale, a first-of-its-kind apartment building in downtown Minneapolis devoted entirely to... More >>

  • The Five Deaths of Carmen McNeal

    published December 11, 1996

    Her mutilated body was found in the basement of a Minneapolis apartment building. Her killer was never... More >>

  • Order in the Court

    published November 13, 1996

              DOWN AT THE courthouse the other day, the Ramsey County Attorney was laying out... More >>


    published October 23, 1996

              his is the nightmare, according to the man who still dreams it. The cell is dark.... More >>

  • Lost & Found

    published October 9, 1996

    Mina LoyThe Lost Lunar Baedeker:PoemsFarrar Straus... More >>

  • THE GARDEN OF Dreaming

    published August 21, 1996

               We are talking about dreams. We are sitting on the back patio in Popie Mohring's... More >>

  • Sued for Sex

    published August 21, 1996

               YOU CAN'T BE too careful, or so goes the dating scene credo these days. And so... More >>

  • Razing Minneapolis

    published August 7, 1996

    One afternoon a couple of months ago, a line of cars pulled up in front of the house at 3244 Chicago Avenue in south Minneapolis. A patch of day... More >>

  • Hard Knocks

    published July 31, 1996

    Kevin Canty Into The Great Wide Open Nan A.... More >>

  • Shadow of a Former Self

    published June 19, 1996

    Mary Gordon The Shadow Man: A Daughter's Search for Her Father Random... More >>

  • The Business of Blood

    published June 12, 1996

    Orders for blood have been trickling in since morning rush hour. Five pack cells of red, 10 units of plasma. By noon, the... More >>

  • Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

    published May 1, 1996

    THE SECRET TO a great roller coaster goes like this: You've got the strap in. You've got the climb. Got the crest and dive.... More >>

  • Cease and Resist

    published May 1, 1996

    Mike McGrath's knuckles look as if they've been scrubbed with grit, sanded down, and then healed back over with machine grease... More >>

  • Public Health, Bottom Lines

    published March 6, 1996

    IT WAS A quiet turn of the key that locked the doors of the Public Health Clinic in downtown Minneapolis for the last time... More >>

  • Ackerberg's Backyard

    published February 28, 1996

    At last Wednesday's afternoon session, the Minneapolis Board of Variance granted The Ackerberg Group permission to rip up part... More >>

  • Dirks, Dance Halls, and the Law

    published February 28, 1996

    IT'S A DIZZYING task, killing off all those obsolete statutes that keep springing up in Minnesota's law books like perennial... More >>

  • If These Walls Could Talk

    published February 21, 1996

    The only sign that life has lately visited the house at 3044 Third Avenue South in Minneapolis is a set of dog tracks in the... More >>

  • God and Man at Stillwater

    published February 21, 1996

    CHAMBERS ET AL. v. Wood et al. is shaping up into a hard-fought battle over inmates' religious freedom at Stillwater... More >>

  • The Wasteland, Continued

    published February 7, 1996

    Once upon a time in America, a whole bunch of poets no one's ever heard of got really lucky: A crew of 15 producers,... More >>

  • The Dented Shield

    published January 24, 1996

    IT WAS AN odd sight, but there they sat: Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in the front row and, breathing down his neck... More >>

  • How John Holtby Lost His Teeth And His Dog And Survived The Speeding Up Of Time

    published January 10, 1996

    John Holtby remembers this about the time he lost all his teeth: "What happened was the dentist in Richfield already had me in... More >>

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