Josie Rawson

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  • 18 years ago | Books

    In Tobar's debut novel, The Tattooed Soldier, each move, each moment of contingent fate, takes place like a masterful play on a great chessboard.

  • 18 years ago | Books

    Viper Rum is in a sense two books, neither of them lengthy but both weighted with the same contrary spirit that made The Liars' Club a direct hit.

  • 18 years ago | Longform

    In two new titles, Winona LaDuke and Jim Northrup weigh tribal rights and wrongs.

  • 18 years ago | Books

    James Tate Shroud of the Gnome Ecco Press "SOME PEOPLE GO their whole lives/without ever writing a single poem," writes James Tate in his new collection, Shroud of the Gnome. Tate's a man who's gone nearly his whole life writing poems, a writer wh...

  • 19 years ago | Books

    Derek Walcott The Bounty Farrar Straus Giroux DEREK WALCOTT'S BEEN at poetry for some three decades now, making him one of a diminishing generation still reeling from the recent deaths of Joseph Brodsky, James Merrill, and, further afield, Allen G...

  • 19 years ago | Longform

    Exactly what happened in the downstairs duplex at 3109 36th Ave. in South Minneapolis in the late-night hours of July 9, 1996 may never be clear. What we do know is that there was a robbery; things got out of control; and there was a body. Christi...


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