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2007 Stories by John Behling

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  • Béla Tarr Retrospective: Damnation

    published October 3, 2007

    In this groundbreaking collaboration with novelist László Krasznahorkai (the first of three), Béla Tarr... More >>

  • Quiet City

    published September 26, 2007

    In Quiet City, Aaron Katz's disarming second feature, two disconnected like-souls meet by chance in New York, and over the course of an... More >>

  • Béla Tarr: Mysterious Harmonies

    published September 12, 2007

    There's a scene in Béla Tarr's Werkmeister Harmonies in which an enormous shipping crate sits... More >>

  • The War: A Ken Burns Film

    published September 5, 2007

    While September '07 may already be synonymous with the administration's "big report " about the surge in Iraq, notoriously voluminous historian... More >>

  • How to Make Out at the Movies: Summer Cinema in the Rough

    published June 6, 2007

    There are only two movie theaters in the greater metro area where juvenile tradition suggests you hide your friends in the trunk. Dug in like... More >>

Archives: 2007 | 2005 | 2004