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1995 Stories by Jim Meyer

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  • Best New Scam

    published December 20, 1995

    "FRIENDS" ISN'T JUST the name of a hit TV show. Many local musicians feel that friends are also the only way to get gigs at 7th Street Entry or... More >>

  • Xmas Gumbo

    published December 13, 1995

    "REMEMBER THOSE OLD hi-fis where you could stack up the records?" asks Strawdogs leader John Eric Thiede. "When I was a little... More >>

  • Mistaken Identities

    published December 6, 1995

    THE LEGENDARY CURTISS A will not be performing at this Friday's 15th Annual John Lennon Tribute at First Avenue. But fear not:... More >>

  • For Love of Country

    published November 29, 1995

    IF ANY POPULAR genre is ready for a punk-style insurrection, it's country music. It's been happening... More >>

  • Over-Nite Sensation

    published November 29, 1995

    FRANK ZAPPA NEVER had much respect for rock critics, and given the lack of press for Rykodisc's exhaustive Zappa reissue... More >>

  • Rock And Roll History

    published November 15, 1995

    TWO MINNEAPOLIS MUSIC giants--the Suburbs and the Jayhawks--have come to sudden but not surprising ends within days of each... More >>

  • Hail, Hail Britannia

    published November 15, 1995

    FORGET THE MUSICAL cage match between Blur and Oasis. At the moment, I'm rooting for Echobelly-- possibly the only band... More >>

  • Wes' Side Stories

    published November 8, 1995

    IN THE TRADITION of rock icons like Roky Erickson and Daniel Johnston, Chicago's Wesley Willis could become the next... More >>

  • Last Writes

    published November 1, 1995

    THE CURSE OF City Pages is back with a vengeance. Beginning around '93, it seemed every new band we championed soon met their... More >>

  • Natural Mystic

    published October 25, 1995

    WHEN I WAS a kid, I had a neighborhood girlfriend--it was one of those awkward affairs in which kids pair up to teach... More >>

  • A New Flame

    published October 11, 1995

    WHEN I WAS growing up, the (in)famous Flame Cafe on lower Nicollet was noted for frequent police calls and a reputation... More >>

  • Mood School

    published October 4, 1995

    RECENTLY I'D PREDICTED the next big trend in local rock would be a post-Soul Asylum classic- rock/power-pop hybrid. It... More >>

Archives: 1996 | 1995