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  • Hitchcock, Hotel, art from Duluth: Freeloader Friday

    Hitchcock, Hotel, art from Duluth: Freeloader Friday

    published Oct 01, 2010

    ​The first of the month is never kind on the wallet. Here at Freeloader Friday, we share you pain. Fortunately, the Twin Cities hosts tons of free events throughout the city each weekend. Our list t... More >>

  • The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement spooked folks at last night's preview

    published Sep 30, 2010

    ​It was an unusually warm fall night for the media preview of the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement X. And while the cool air didn't exactly cause a chill to run up my spine, my trip into the basem... More >>

  • The Haunted Basement X

    published September 22, 2010

    Of all the haunted houses opening their doors this season, the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement is by far the most notorious—and arguably the... More >>

  • Sever's Fall Festival and Corn Maze

    published September 22, 2010

    Do you really need a maze to get lost in a field of corn? Probably not, but Sever's maze pretty fun regardless (it is one of the largest of its... More >>

  • Real Haunted Tours

    published September 22, 2010

    While many people enjoy haunted houses created using smoke machines, tape recorders, and costumed human beings, some take interest in the real... More >>

  • Seward Art Festival

    published September 22, 2010

    Now in its 11th year, the Seward Arts Festival has expanded to three days, and features a lot of low-key but interesting events. Friday kicks off... More >>

  • The F Plus

    published September 22, 2010

    Celebrities aren't particularly well-known for their insightful, witty writing. One only has to spend a couple of minutes reading through a... More >>

  • AE Presents: Hitchcock

    published September 22, 2010

    To look at a frame of an Alfred Hitchcock movie is a lot like viewing a piece of art; the composition, the colors, the use of lighting and space... More >>

  • Halloween costumes that will make you go 'WTF'

    Halloween costumes that will make you go 'WTF'

    published Sep 29, 2010

    ​ It's pretty obvious that there are a lot of really shitty Halloween costumes out there. It doesn't really seem fair to fault anyone who does a poor job making their own getup, but we have to wonde... More >>

  • MNFashion announces first ever Holiday Bazaar this season

    published Sep 28, 2010

    ​Minnesotans looking to shop locally for holiday gifts will want to check out MNFashion's Holiday Bazaar, a shopping event featuring jewelry, fashion, and other items. The event is set for Saturday... More >>

  • Bedlam Theatre hosts open house in their new space

    Bedlam Theatre hosts open house in their new space

    published Sep 28, 2010

    ​This month many were greatly saddened to see the Bedlam Theatre close its doors and move out of its West Bank location. However, sometimes you just can't keep a good thing down. Despite the fact ... More >>

  • Walker gift store mega-sale this weekend

    published Sep 27, 2010

    ​Attention early holiday shoppers: This weekend the gift store at the Walker Art Museum is having a three-day super sale. So if you're too poor to regularly shop at the MoMA this is your chance to... More >>

  • Pale Rider, Lisa Lampanelli: Slideshows from the weekend

    published Sep 27, 2010

    ​This weekend MNFashion Week was in full effect with rooftop runways, dance parties, and other fashionable events. Meanwhile, comic Lisa Lampanelli tried her best to offend Minnesota crowds with h... More >>

  • Oktoberfest, Lyn-Lake Block Party: Freeloader Friday

    Oktoberfest, Lyn-Lake Block Party: Freeloader Friday

    published Sep 24, 2010

    ​ As the seasons change, so do the types of events happening around town. This weekend we have two different Oktoberfest festivals, a block party (bring an umbrella), and free films. FRIDAY: God Ca... More >>

  • Nigel Barker visits the MOA today

    published Sep 22, 2010

    ​Fans of America's Next Top Model take note: Nigel Barker, a.k.a. the judge with the most reasonable ego and best fashion sense is in Bloomington today at the Mall of America. Be sure to look your f... More >>

  • City Pages Fall Arts issue is online

    published Sep 22, 2010

    ​ Throw out your summertime guides for the cities, our Fall Arts issue is hitting the streets as we speak. If you can't make it to the newsstands you can also read about interesting people and rec... More >>

  • Boob Tube Bingo A-Go-Go

    published September 15, 2010

    If you've been itching for some bingo but are leery of church basements, this epic game night may be your scratching stick. With this night out in... More >>

  • The $99 Sale

    published September 15, 2010

    Some people buy art based on an artist's name. If you're one of these people then this event is not for you. However, if you buy art because you... More >>

  • Mill City Oktoberfest

    published September 15, 2010

    Saturday's farmers' market at the mill will be extra special thanks to Oktoberfest. In addition to fruits and veggies for sale, visitors will be... More >>

  • A Prairie Home Companion's Annual Supper and Street Dance

    published September 15, 2010

    As usual, the season premier of A Prairie Home Companion is sold out. Thankfully, you can still get your Garrison Keillor fix at this... More >>

  • James Chronister: Ceremony

    published September 15, 2010

    While growing up, artist James Chronister spent a great deal of time listening to his cassette tapes while walking through the woods of Montana.... More >>

  • MNFashion Week: SGMS: Full Fashion Panic

    published September 15, 2010

    Whether you love wild fashion or are simply looking for some amazing Halloween costume ideas, this event will have eye-catching threads in spades.... More >>

  • Oktoberfest

    published September 15, 2010

    While some may mourn the end of summer, others will be thankful that it is finally fall. Why? Because beer lovers know that this month features a... More >>

  • Zombie Pub Crawl VI announced

    Zombie Pub Crawl VI announced

    published Sep 21, 2010

    ​It's the pub crawl that not only refuses to die, but grows exponentially stronger each year. According to the crawl's official Facebook page, over 8,000 attendees have committed to rising from the ... More >>

  • Stuck Between Stations trailer features Josh Hartnett, Lookbook

    published Sep 20, 2010

    ​Twin City actors, musicians, and the city itself are prominently featured in Stuck Between Stations, an indie flick directed by Brady Kiernan. The trailer includes shots of First Avenue, the Walker... More >>

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