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  • Halloween poll: What are you dressing up as?

    published Oct 29, 2010

    ​Over the past month we've been blogging on various costume ideas for Halloween. And while some of us are probably still undecided, others have been planning their get up for weeks. We'd like to hea... More >>

  • 'Poster Offensive 5' sneak peek

    published Oct 29, 2010

    ​Found on lamp posts, nightclub walls, and in college dorm rooms, posters can be a surprisingly powerful form of art. They can disseminate information, share a social point of view, create an aesthe... More >>

  • 2011 Voltage: Fashion Amplified announces its runway designers

    published Oct 29, 2010

    ​Voltage: Fashion Amplified is easily the hottest fashion event in town. Each year designers team up with local rock and hip-hop acts to create a killer night of glitz and raw energy.This year's e... More >>

  • 'The Wave' turns anti-gay DVDs into pro-tolerance art

    published Oct 29, 2010

    ​Local artist Lucinda Naylor is turning a negative into a positive. Many were enraged recently when Minnesota Catholic bishops sent out 400,000 DVDs expressing anti-gay marriage sentiments and urg... More >>

  • Halloween on the cheap, Poster Offensive 5: Freeloader Friday

    Halloween on the cheap, Poster Offensive 5: Freeloader Friday

    published Oct 29, 2010

    ​ So, you blew all your money on that Lady Gaga costume. Or perhaps you were broke to begin with. Either way, there's no excuse to break the bank any further celebrating Halloween this weekend. Unli... More >>

  • DWITT: 100 Creatives

    published Oct 28, 2010

    ​Number 97: DWITT (a.k.a. David Ruddy Witt)  City: Saint Paul (Highland Park)  Years spent living in MN: 31He may not be an actual rock star, but prolific artist DWITT (David Witt) is as ... More >>

  • The Great Pumpkin Festival

    published October 27, 2010

    After watching Charlie Brown's Halloween special, head over to the Great Pumpkin Festival this Sunday. Starting at 1 p.m. the Landmark Center will... More >>

  • Poster Offensive 5

    published October 27, 2010

    The poster is an incredibly versatile and functional form of art. Not only can it demonstrate a wide variety of aesthetics, but it can also... More >>

  • Halloween Party & Costume Contest

    published October 27, 2010

    Sure, for some the Halloween partying began days ago, but that doesn't give you a free pass to sit out the actual holiday. In fact, some... More >>

  • Pumpkin Fest

    published October 27, 2010

    On Saturday, 50th & France will host Pumpkin Fest for free from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. During this time, kids will be entertained with balloon artists,... More >>

  • Hallzooween

    published October 27, 2010

    Minnesota Zoo's yearly HallZooween will be giving treats to little beggars from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday for the price of admission.... More >>

  • Lights Out Halloween Party

    published October 27, 2010

    This Halloween-themed party promises to be hot—literally. All lights will be turned off as artists create amazing works before guests' eyes.... More >>

  • The Dungeons Of Darkness and Doom

    published October 27, 2010

    The Dungeons of Darkness and Doom is a haunted house that serves as a joint fundraiser for the Hopkins Area Jaycees and the Main Street School of... More >>

  • Frightmares at Buck Hill

    published October 27, 2010

    Frightmares at Buck Hill is one of the few epic haunted sites around town. Instead of skiing guests and ghosts alike will be able to venture... More >>

  • Trail of Terror

    published October 27, 2010

    The Trail of Terror is always a freaky time, and includes a corn maze filled with Hollywood- and horror-themed trivia, the werewolf chamber, the... More >>

  • Carnetheria

    published October 27, 2010

    A truly unique, yearly theater event created by BareBones Productions, the Halloween puppet extravaganza Carnetheria will be an... More >>

  • ValleyScare

    published October 27, 2010

    Shakopee may just be a haunted town. Not only does the quaint suburb offer the Trail of Terror out on the Renaissance Festival site, but Valley... More >>

  • Midtown Monster Mash

    published October 27, 2010

    Remember the days when parents would set kids loose in the neighborhood in search of candy? While this might not be as common today, there are... More >>

  • Gods and Monsters: Part II

    published October 27, 2010

    When Cult Status Gallery says that they are putting together a show featuring monsters and other terrifying creatures, you know that they aren't... More >>

  • 20 Years of Brit's Halloween Party

    published October 27, 2010

    Those looking for some hard cider or a Black and Tan should head out to Brit's 20th anniversary birthday bash, where from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. those... More >>

  • Monster Art Show and Halloween Party

    published October 27, 2010

    Halloween celebrations may have started on Friday, but this monster mash of a show and party is simply too irresistible and fun-looking to pass... More >>

  • Red Carpet to Hell II

    published October 27, 2010

    You may be too big to trick-or-treat, and too jaded to enjoy a haunted house, but you're never too old to throw on a costume and drink with... More >>

  • Literary Death Match slays words tonight

    published Oct 26, 2010

    ​Sure, readings and other literary events can sometimes be a little stuffy. This is not so for Literary Death Match events. Why are they any different? Well, tonight's literary party involves four l... More >>

  • Chuck U: 100 Creatives

    Chuck U: 100 Creatives

    published Oct 25, 2010

    ​Number 98: Chuck U   City: Minneapolis   Years spent living in MN: All of themLike many talented artists, Chuck U's work is in a world of its own--literally. His paintings are often fille... More >>

  • David Sedaris charms audiences, announces his favorite font at the State Theatre

    published Oct 22, 2010

    ​As was to be expected, it was a packed crowd at last night's appearance by David Sedaris at the State Theatre. The stage was dark and sparsely decorated with only a podium and two ferns, but that ... More >>

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