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  • Art & Fashion App scavenger hunt to culminates this Thursday

    published Nov 15, 2010

    ​Don't let the ugly weather discourage you from having an adventure. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and l'etoile magazine have created an art and fashion phone app that takes participants on a s... More >>

  • I am MPLS! sneak peek

    I am MPLS! sneak peek

    published Nov 12, 2010

    ​When you have an event titled something as declarative as I am MPLS!, you better be sure to have your bases covered. Fortunately, this debut event certainly does. A party as diverse as the city its... More >>

  • Hello Kitty art, Estate: Freeloader Friday

    Hello Kitty art, Estate: Freeloader Friday

    published Nov 12, 2010

    ​ It's a weird week for Freeloader Friday. We've got art that combines classic paintings with Hello Kitty, balloons propelled by live houseflies, and several music gigs featuring psychedelic rock. F... More >>

  • Kevin Cannon: 100 Creatives

    Kevin Cannon: 100 Creatives

    published Nov 11, 2010

    ​Number 93: Kevin Cannon   City: Minneapolis   Years spent living in MN: My whole life, except for 4 years going to school in Iowa.  So... twenty-seven.Illustrator and cartoonist Kevi... More >>

  • 'Fruit Sticker Art' to be featured at the Mississippi Market Coop

    published Nov 10, 2010

    ​Sure, some of us have collected gum wrappers in order to make jewelry, or perhaps hoarded pop tabs to thread on a string as some kind of garbage fashion statement. But how many people have attempt... More >>

  • Work Party

    published November 10, 2010

    If The Office were to be turned into a stage performance, what would it look like? There would probably be some moments of... More >>

  • 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off

    published November 10, 2010

    While many folks name Thanksgiving foods when thinking of traditional autumn edibles, chili should be included on that list as well. Why? Because... More >>

  • MNfashion Holiday Bazaar

    published November 10, 2010

    Now that your Halloween costume is boxed away (or about to be worked into your regular clothing rotation), it is time to start panicking about the... More >>

  • Peace & Harmony

    published November 10, 2010

    While some art expounds the virtues of battle, some celebrates peace, tranquility, and an end to war. The latter type will be explored this Sunday... More >>

  • Alex Kuno: 100 Creatives

    Alex Kuno: 100 Creatives

    published Nov 09, 2010

    ​Number 94: Alex Kuno   City: Minneapolis   Years spent living in MN: 34Alex Kuno's prolific series The Miscreants of Tiny Town features children, but they are hardly the saccharine repres... More >>

  • Conan O'Brien returns to TV tonight, goes up against 'The Daily Show'

    published Nov 08, 2010

    ​It has been an explosive year for Conan O'Brien. While many would assume that being promoted to host of the Tonight Show would be a career highpoint, it instead was a train wreck. When Jay Leno's... More >>

  • SCENEaSOTA to feature smashing local looks

    published Nov 05, 2010

    ​Looking to take in some local fashion this weekend? Throw on your best threads and head over to Loft 2 for SCENEaSOTA, and stylish runway show and party featuring local designers, local boutiques ... More >>

  • Art Attack, Hotel, Scott West: Freeloader Friday

    Art Attack, Hotel, Scott West: Freeloader Friday

    published Nov 05, 2010

    ​Still hungover from Halloween? Although this weekend isn't as epic in terms of what places are offering, it is still pretty full. For this edition, we've got Art Attack, a three-day gallery hop in ... More >>

  • Kara Hendershot: 100 Creatives

    Kara Hendershot: 100 Creatives

    published Nov 04, 2010

    ​Number 95: Kara Hendershot  City: St. Paul Years spent living in MN: 12 Kara Hendershot isn't just an artist in the city. She is also an important figure working behind the scenes. In addit... More >>

  • LOL/OMG to host their fourth social media party

    published Nov 03, 2010

    ​If you're a regular commenter on a website, from Gawker to Livejournal to Secrets of the City, then you probably have some cyberspace friends. You know, those people that make you laugh when they... More >>

  • Still: New Paintings by Scott West

    published November 3, 2010

    Some artists take years to complete a masterpiece. Scott West often takes less than an hour. This impressive feat is hardly an exaggeration; fans... More >>

  • Crypticon

    published November 3, 2010

    Sure, some people might be a little burned out on spooky events now that Halloween is over. However, Crypticon is not for casual fans of creepy.... More >>

  • Local-to-Global Jewelry Artist Mart

    published November 3, 2010

    With the holidays coming up, jewelry is always a safe gift for grandmas, mothers, and sisters. At this weekend's sale and show at the Walker,... More >>

  • O.C.D.

    published November 3, 2010

    It's not uncommon to hear someone joke about having obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a person with perfectionist tendencies may feel like they... More >>

  • Damian Francis Wagner

    published November 3, 2010

    It might seem a little strange, but the Uptown Apple Store has been hosting events beyond computer workshops. We're unsure of the motivation... More >>

  • Happy Hours

    published November 3, 2010

    Located on the first floor of the condo stacks mere blocks from Lake and Lyndale, Tiger Sushi is an easy place to stop in for a sushi fix on days... More >>

  • Amy Rice: 100 Creatives

    Amy Rice: 100 Creatives

    published Nov 02, 2010

    ​Number 96: Amy Rice City: MinneapolisYears spent living in MN: 20There has always been a healthy dose of Minnesota in Amy Rice's artwork. In the past, she has found inspiration from childhood memor... More >>

  • Top 5 costumes: Sexiest, most badass, group effort, and more

    Top 5 costumes: Sexiest, most badass, group effort, and more

    published Nov 01, 2010

    ​Some people create their Halloween costumes out of detritus from the closet, others buy something pre-packaged from Target, and others put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating something trul... More >>

  • Jagermonster, Bomp!, Too Much Blood, Mandemic: Slideshows from the weekend

    published Nov 01, 2010

    ​Feel that Monday morning hangover! Yes, the weekend was pretty epic thanks to Halloween celebrations all over town. There were gallery openings, costume balls, DJ parties, and more happening from... More >>

  • Halloween poll: What are you dressing up as?

    published Oct 29, 2010

    ​Over the past month we've been blogging on various costume ideas for Halloween. And while some of us are probably still undecided, others have been planning their get up for weeks. We'd like to hea... More >>

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