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  • Happy hour for homeless animals today

    published Nov 12, 2009

    ​ (Photo by nicmcc)While the economy continues to dwindle, so do funds to help animals get off the street, out of facilities, and into homes. This special happy hour at the Local will help raise fun... More >>

  • Oil: A Love Story tonight

    published Nov 12, 2009

    ​(Photo by quinn.anya) It's undeniable that the U.S. depends on oil: We're willing to wait in line for it, we panic when the price for gas is too high, and we're even willing to go to war for it. To... More >>

  • MNfashion Holiday opens at Gaviidae Commons

    published Nov 11, 2009

    ​With Halloween a distant memory of zombies, party crashers, and packets of Skittles, it is now time to turn our attention to the upcoming holidays that celebrate grocery stores and shopping malls. ... More >>

  • Martha Graham Dance Company

    published November 11, 2009

    Dancers from the Martha Graham Dance Company use their bodies to the fullest during performances, but Clytemnestra also engages the mind.... More >>

  • ARENA Dances: Short Fall

    published November 11, 2009

    Unlike some dance troupes, the members of ARENA Dances do not want their audience to feel as though their performances are effortless.... More >>

  • To Have It About You: The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection

    published November 11, 2009

    Do you feel an urge to collect art, but worry about the effect that such a hobby would have on your wallet? The efforts of Dorothy and Herbert... More >>

  • Children of the Revolution!

    published November 11, 2009

    Tonight's revolution is less combative, more philosophical. Meaning that, rather than celebrating fighting, this party will honor the types of... More >>

  • Baby Loves Disco Pajama Party

    published November 11, 2009

    Responsible parents probably don't want their small children hanging out at a nightclub, but this Saturday little Suzy might get permission to do... More >>

  • Throwback and Summer Video Retrospective

    published November 11, 2009

    Last summer, Creative Electric studios set up a satellite gallery space on a tiny houseboat docked on the Mississippi. Dubbed the "SS Infinite... More >>

  • NEMAA Fall Fine Arts Show

    published November 11, 2009

    Though northeast Minneapolis may be teeming with artists, rarely do they convene at one place. That is exactly what will happen this weekend at... More >>

  • Lowertown First Fridays tonight, here's a guide for what to do

    published Nov 06, 2009

    ​ (Photo by mfajardo) Wow, how Lowertown has changed. Back when I lived at 6th and Sibley (about five years ago) there were two restaurants, the Black Dog Café, and a liquor store. And they were mo... More >>

  • Freeloader Friday: Suicide Commandos, Art Attack, and free food

    published Nov 06, 2009

    ​(Photo by Ann Marsden)This week is a good week for parents who are fans of punk rock as the Suicide Commandos will be playing a family-friendly set at the Walker. Punk rock not your thing? There's ... More >>

  • Tim Eriksen is at the Cedar tonight

    published Nov 05, 2009

    ​ Never heard of Sacred Harp singing? The musical tradition is a part of a larger history, often referred to as shape-note singing. The technique uses shapes in addition to notes to help singers ide... More >>

  • Condoleezza Rice to visit Minnesota this Sunday

    published Nov 05, 2009

    ​ She was the 66th Secretary of State of the United States under President George W. Bush. She worked as an assistant for national security affairs. On occasion she would accidentally refer to the P... More >>

  • Burlesque of North America hosts a top-secret party with NYC's Star Eyes and Jubilee

    published Nov 04, 2009

    ​ We're not really sure what the occasion is, but local print artists Burlesque of North America are hosting an epic DJ party Friday, November 20th from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. It's dubbed Spaced-Out Bass... More >>

  • Minnesota Dance Theatre: Carmina Burana

    published November 4, 2009

    According to the press release, this evening of music and dance promises to be "a portrayal of love and lust, desire and longing, with raucous and... More >>

  • History Lounge: The 1950s Sitcom - Guide to American Life

    published November 4, 2009

    Husbands and wives never share a bed, it's always time for a cocktail and a cigarette, housework is best done in heels and pearls, and fighting... More >>

  • The Minnesota Eye: Contemporary Photography

    published November 4, 2009

    From Wing Young Huie to Alec Soth, from the Walker Art Museum to the Weinstein Gallery, it's no secret that in recent decades Minnesota's... More >>

  • Studio Bricolage: Performance Sculpture: Kinetic Art

    published November 4, 2009

    For those unfamiliar with the term, "kinetic art" describes works that utilize movement. Some pieces work as onetime performance art, such as... More >>

  • Zipp's Beer Tasting

    published November 4, 2009

    When you go to a bar, do you always order the same pint without even taking a look at the menu? Are you in a beer rut? Tonight's benefit tasting... More >>

  • PowerPoint Karaoke

    published November 4, 2009

    Despite what the event's title may suggest, there will be no singing at this event. However, for those of you who can give a good sales... More >>

  • Crypticon

    published November 4, 2009

    Halloween was last week, but fans of horror and special-effects makeup are still going strong. This weekend separates the true fanatics from the... More >>

  • Happy Hours

    published November 4, 2009

    This time last year, the area surrounding the corner of Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue was alarming in its increasing vacancy. Victims of the... More >>

  • Freeloader Friday: Bars, parties, and music for Halloween

    published Oct 30, 2009

    ​(Photo by karlfrankowski)This week we have an overload of free stuff to do on Halloween, from barhopping to music to stuff for the kids. We've also got free art shows, free opera, and a free final ... More >>

  • Hell's Kitchen owner releases cookbook, Damn Good Food

    published Oct 29, 2009

    ​ Like most heavy-hitters on the dining scene, restaurant owner Mitch Omer is a colorful character. He's a recovered addict, has struggled with manic depression, and in recent years has lost weight ... More >>

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