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  • The First Annual Franklin Frolic

    published December 2, 2009

    This free Seward neighborhood party will feature open studios and galleries, food and drink specials, live music, and free samples throughout the... More >>

  • Malt Whiskey Tasting

    published December 2, 2009

    Sad that you missed out on Whiskey Fest at the Happy Gnome last fall? At this special event at Brit's Pub in downtown Minneapolis, regular... More >>

  • Freeloader Friday: Cheese, burlesque, and ice skating

    published Nov 27, 2009

    ... More >>

  • Thanksgiving for vegans this Friday

    published Nov 25, 2009

    ​(Photo by holidays can be a hard time for vegetarians and vegans. Grandma doesn't always understand chicken broth is not vegetarian, and even if you weren't vegan you wouldn'... More >>

  • Choreographers' Evening

    published November 25, 2009

    Are you the type of person who loads up your plate with a little of everything when eating at a buffet? This special evening, curated by Olive... More >>

  • King Mini's Canyon Land

    published November 25, 2009

    Where exactly is Canyon Land located? Judging by this upcoming show featuring work by print artist King Mini, it's somewhere between nature and... More >>

  • Saint Paul's Wild Winter Wonderland

    published November 25, 2009

    So you've eaten your fill of turkey, spent enough time on the couch watching cable, and now you're ready to get out of the house. For those... More >>

  • Black Friday

    published November 25, 2009

    Much like how harvest festivals celebrated the bounty of feudal societies, Black Friday celebrates capitalism and our ability to spend. A bad... More >>

  • Hello World! or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise

    published November 25, 2009

    Why do we feel compelled to document our lives? Why is there an urge to yammer on about every whim and emotion? Some may blame the inanity of... More >>

  • Wells Fargo Winter Skate

    published November 25, 2009

    Minnesotans love their wintertime activities and, once again, downtown St. Paul's Landmark Plaza is being converted into an outdoor rink for... More >>

  • Walk to End Hunger

    published November 25, 2009

    Thursday is probably not the day you are planning to spend in the mall. And, traditionally, people who spend their Thanksgiving Day doing charity... More >>

  • Mulligan Stu's Do-Over Revue

    published November 25, 2009

    Some people argue that artists' talents are innate, and that they are simply born that way. Not true. Many creative types are willing to admit... More >>

  • WSPA launches database of humane restaurants nationwide

    published Nov 20, 2009

    ​(Photo by awshots)This week the WPCA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) announced the launch of, a website featuring a database of over 150 restaurants in 15 cities through... More >>

  • Freeloader Friday: Blues, punk, jazz, and funk

    published Nov 20, 2009

    ​(Photo by elgin.jessica)Don't panic! There are plenty of other things to do besides seeing Twilight this weekend. Save your money for the dogs. Check out our free list after the jump. ​(Photo by ... More >>

  • Free beer at Kip's Pub

    published Nov 17, 2009

    ​(Photo by --b--)You know what makes us happy? Donating gifts so a kid can celebrate Christmas. What makes us even happier? Getting a free beer in return.Bar hoppers that bring a new, unwrapped toy ... More >>

  • 2009 IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park

    published November 18, 2009

    Ever find yourself driving around a neighborhood looking for the brightest lights and most brilliant decorations in the Twin Cities? We can... More >>

  • Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars vs. Hammer City Rollergirls

    published November 18, 2009

    Though their kickoff was a couple of weeks ago, this will be the Minnesota Rollergirls' first big competitive event of the season. Tonight the... More >>

  • Eric Dregni

    published November 18, 2009

    It's been a while since we've seen a new book by the prolific Minnesota renaissance man Eric Dregni. The assistant professor at Concordia College... More >>

  • Rock the Boat: Bikinis vs Breast Cancer

    published November 18, 2009

    Unlike some benefit parties, this one shouldn't even come close to being stuffy. In fact, it probably won't veer too far off from what you would... More >>

  • Gastro Non Grata 12: A Salute to Comfort Food and Cans

    published November 18, 2009

    What happens when hot dishes go gourmet? Can the combo of tater tots, cream of mushroom soup, and a pound of cheese lose its charm when rendered... More >>

  • Walker After Hours Preview Party

    published November 18, 2009

    There's nothing like a good party to start the weekend off right, and Walker After Hours usually throws a pretty excellent bash. This one should... More >>

  • Coffee Fest

    published November 18, 2009

    Where would we be without coffee? Probably shaking and crying in bed while trying to put on socks using only our feet. A day without coffee and... More >>

  • Daily Happy Hours

    published November 18, 2009

    Okay, so there are a lot of Indian restaurants right now in downtown Minneapolis. Some offer fusion cuisine while some are more traditional, some... More >>

  • Freeloader Friday: NEMAA Fall Arts Show, pub trivia, and DJs at Sauce

    published Nov 13, 2009

    ​(Photo by MOmilkman)  This week we have epic amounts of art in the Northeast, an awesome pub quiz, and a biting take on a classic children's poem.​(Robot Arm by NEMAA artist Shuji Usui)FRIDA... More >>

  • Playboy gives Mickey's Dining Car Cafe the thumbs up

    published Nov 12, 2009

    ​(Photo by gomattolson) The tasty greasy spoon was placed on a national register of historic places in 1983. It's open an astounding 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, and... More >>

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