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  • MN Fall Fashion Weekend

    published September 19, 2007

    Can Minnesota really be a stylin' state? Some might argue that this is an impossibility—how can a frozen land that dons knit hats with... More >>

  • Deanna Germain

    published September 12, 2007

    After the third extension was placed on her tour of duty, nurse and Lt. Colonel Deanna Germain was sent to the notorious Abu Ghraib. Stepping off... More >>

  • Electric Arc Radio Show

    published September 12, 2007

    Can a radio show be a radio show if it's not on the radio? If you're Electric Arc Radio, the answer is a resounding yes. A theatrical performance... More >>

  • Right on Lake Street

    published September 12, 2007

    Constructed about 150 years ago, Lake Street was built as a road that would lead to the lakes. For those in the community, Lake Street has become... More >>

  • Kate Christensen

    published September 12, 2007

    Was Oscar Feldman a great man? Readers may arrive at this question repeatedly as events unfold in Kate Christensen's latest novel, The Great... More >>

  • Crypticon: Circus of Terror

    published September 12, 2007

    Yeah, we have about a month and a half until Halloween, but that isn't stopping Rob Zombie's Halloween from coming out early, and it... More >>

  • Crowded House

    published September 5, 2007

    For those who watched the teen nighttime soap opera Beverly Hills: 90210, Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over" was the breakup anthem... More >>

  • New Photography: McKnight Fellows 06/07

    published August 22, 2007

    Recipients of the spring 2006 fellowships, these four Twin Cities photographers have put their talents to use and are ready to display the fruits... More >>

  • Amy Rice: Attest and Grow

    published September 5, 2007

    There's something inexplicably happy about work by Amy Rice. Perhaps it's the youthful nostalgia that seeps into the canvas with bright,... More >>

  • Dr. Vincent Lam

    published September 5, 2007

    Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, the first novel by Toronto emergency physician Vincent Lam, is an auspicious debut to say the least. Lam... More >>

  • Brock Clarke

    published September 5, 2007

    In An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England, adult life starts out on a self-inflicted tragic note for Sam Pulsifer when he is... More >>

  • Ruckus On the West Bank

    published September 5, 2007

    Is there ever not a ruckus on the West Bank? Between the constant string of shows at the Triple Rock and Nomad, the falling wall of the 400... More >>

  • Shafer Corn Maze

    published August 29, 2007

    Be it a simple design in a children's coloring book or a complex puzzle in a newspaper, mazes have delighted and frustrated people for thousands... More >>

  • Tribute/Benefit in Memory of Eric Lappegard

    published Sep 07, 2007

    Comic artist, bike advocate, vegan, barista and bike messenger-- Eric Lappegard was an active member of many communities around the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, the 28-year-old's life came to a tragic ... More >>

  • Raging Bull

    published Aug 31, 2007

    Ever wanted to run with the bulls in Spain? Minnesotans at the State Fair had an opportunity to run with a bull this morning when the 1,600 lb. testosterone-fueled animal named Saber, became agitated... More >>

  • Scootering with Kent Aldrich

    published Aug 16, 2007

    Behold the scooter! Some may say that the vehicle has had a meteoric rise since the humble post-war production of the Vespa in Italy. And Minnesotans love their bikes— be it bicycles on the Gree... More >>

  • Slammin' in Minnesota

    published Jul 27, 2007

    Left to right: Just Riley, Allison, Wonder Dave, Lorena, and Rhe / Photo by Heather Polisen As anyone who watches the news, follows PR, or is raising a teenager can tell you, wars can be fought with... More >>

  • Stillwater lumberjill is on a roll

    published Jul 19, 2007

    This weekend the crowds show up in Stillwater to enjoy the festivities surrounding Lumberjack Days. Though live music and fried foods will most certainly be had, the highlights of the fest are the l... More >>

  • Uptown Karaoke King Tom Wheaton

    published Jul 06, 2007

    It might be difficult to imagine that a VFW could be an Uptown hotspot. But then again, if Uptown can make the outside of Rainbow Foods look mildly artsy, why not? Every Thursday through Saturday ni... More >>

  • A Thorny Pride

    published Jun 29, 2007

    Dangerous chemicals, eye droppers full of water, intense fear of bugs—these are just a few of the things competitive rose growers deal with on a daily basis. In Otherwise Normal People: Inside t... More >>

  • Mike Jones: He's Saying Something

    published Jun 20, 2007

    Mike Jones has had many jobs throughout the years—professional masseur, nude model for a local art school, fitness trainer, and body builder. Yet he is best known as the male escort who exposed ... More >>

  • Air Guitar Championships: AC/DC, Airness, Awesome

    published Jun 15, 2007

    If the guitar isn't actually there, does the player make a sound? Minnesotans have the opportunity to find out Saturday night when the U.S. Guitar Championships come to the Varsity Theater. No rinky... More >>

  • Swipe the card, not the information, please

    published May 16, 2007

    Last week, the Minnesota House unanimously voted to pass the Plastic Security Act (HF1758), meaning in the future, when you charge something potentially embarrassing at Sex World or mundane like orang... More >>

  • Combat robots invade Eagan!

    published May 16, 2007

    Man vs. machine is so boring; machine vs. machine, though—now that's a little more like it. This weekend, months (in some cases, years) of toiling to produce the ultimate battle 'bot will come... More >>

  • U of M to acquire eggs from cage-free poultry

    published Apr 30, 2007

    Suffer the chickens that reside in cages. That's the philosophy now adopted by the dining services at the U of M. Last month they passed a resolution stating that the 2,800 pounds of liquid eggs the d... More >>

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