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1998 Stories by Jelena Petrovic

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  • Remain in Light

    published November 18, 1998

    The quicker picker-upper: Zenon Dance Company's Greg Waletski and Wynn Fricke. More >>

  • Susan Minot: Evening

    published November 4, 1998

    Susan Minot Evening Knopf WITH ROBERT ALTMAN'S The Player on my mind lately, I have... More >>

  • The Conversation

    published October 28, 1998

    IT IS A LEADING irony of the contemporary dance world that some of the most innovative American choreographers have found success in Europe... More >>

  • Clash of the Titans

    published October 21, 1998

    Contact Improv--it's not just for aesthetes anymore: Minneapolis dance talent Chris Aiken and friends. More >>

  • The Jungle Book

    published October 21, 1998

    Keeping it real: Pauline Melville's debut novel holds the magical realism in check. More >>

  • Vicki Mackenzie: Cave in the Snow

    published October 14, 1998

    Vicki Mackenzie Cave in the Snow Bloomsbury IN RECENT YEARS, we've been treated to Little... More >>

  • Alternative Energy

    published October 14, 1998

    Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars: Wynn Fricke's Borrowed Bones Dance Theatre. More >>


    published September 9, 1998

    Destroy the dictionaries More >>

  • South Pacific

    published June 17, 1998

    Your marriage is on the rocks. So what do you do to revitalize relations with your wife? More >>

  • César Aira

    published June 10, 1998

    César Aira The Hare Serpent's Tail "THE BORGES OF the Pampas," is the boast that adorns the... More >>

  • The Last War

    published June 3, 1998

    In two story collections, Josip Novakovich and Ken Kalfus offer dispatches from the shifting front lines of human discord More >>

  • Fiction is Stranger than Fiction

    published April 29, 1998

    Two historical figures, filmmaker F.W. Murnau and geneticist Gregor Mendel, step out of the past into two new novels More >>

  • Continental Divide

    published April 15, 1998

    Amid all the hubbub of the 50th anniversary of its independence, a meritorious but relatively low-profile lot caught the edge of the light:... More >>

  • Desert Solitaire

    published April 8, 1998

    Quarantine, Jim Crace's retelling of Jesus's 40 days in the desert, is to the Bible what Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is to... More >>

  • The Pope, Marx, and Houdini

    published April 1, 1998

    From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs: Everett Dance Theatre performs Body of Work at the Walker Art Center More >>

  • Bang a Gong!

    published March 25, 1998

    The Bang on a Can All-Stars take new music out of the rarefied realm of half-empty concert halls. More >>

  • Money for Nothing

    published March 18, 1998

    It's a thankless part-time job, thinking about funding for your art. More >>

  • World Gone Wrong

    published March 18, 1998

    Wasted apparitions haunt the house in The Dead Souls, a performance piece by the Montreal company Carbone 14. More >>

  • Victor Pelevin The Life of Insects

    published February 25, 1998

    Victor Pelevin The Life of Insects Farrar, Straus, Giroux THERE IS A dark, brilliant moment in... More >>

  • Bernardo Atxaga: The Lone Man

    published February 11, 1998

    Bernardo Atxaga The Lone Man Havrill Press LONDON'S HAVRILL Press, which publishes excellent... More >>

  • Pomp and Circumstance

    published February 4, 1998

    Geraldine McMillian sings the heartbreak of an Ethiopian slave girl in the Minnesota Opera's lavish production of Aida More >>

  • Pants On Fire

    published January 14, 1998

    An Honorary Rockette?: Actor Daniel MacIvor and Da Da Kamera kick theatrical convention in Here Lies Henry. More >>

  • Flaming Filmmaker

    published January 7, 1998

    IT'S TEMPTING TO compare the late filmmaker Jack Smith to Vincent Van Gogh, for reasons that have nothing to do with artistic merit (which... More >>

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