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1997 Stories by Jelena Petrovic

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  • Accept No Imitations

    published December 10, 1997

    I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me, And We Are All Together: Danny Hoch mimics all in a show at Walker Art Center. More >>

  • Thomas Brussig: Heroes Like Us

    published December 10, 1997

    Thomas Brussig Heroes Like Us Farrar, Straus & Giroux. OUTSIZED PENISES... More >>

  • John Updike: Towards the End of Time

    published October 29, 1997

    John Updike Towards the End of Time Knopf THE NEAR FUTURE is looking bleak. A... More >>

  • Jack Smith: Flaming Creature; His Amazing Life and Times

    published October 29, 1997

    ed. Edward Leffingwell, Carole Kismaric, Marvin Heiferman Jack Smith: Flaming Creature; His Amazing Life and... More >>

  • Restoring Our Rep

    published October 29, 1997

    THIS YEAR'S AWARD for arts-related entrepreneurial chutzpah goes to the indefatigable movie-lovers at Oak Street... More >>

  • The Last Waltz

    published October 22, 1997

    THERE'S A FAIR amount of aesthetic myopia on the contemporary-dance front this year, judging from Montreal's International... More >>

  • Elegy in Blue

    published October 8, 1997

    Edmund White The Farewell Symphony Knopf NOT LONG AGO, venereal disease was a... More >>

  • Men Behaving Badly

    published October 8, 1997

    A man lies in bed, tenderly kissing his shapely lover. He traces his hand down her pliable back, gently cups her buttocks and... More >>

  • The Young and the Headless

    published June 11, 1997

    Salomé Ballet of the Dolls and Zenon Dance BEFORE ATTENDING MYRON Johnson's... More >>

  • Flying High Now

    published May 14, 1997

    "I PREFER NOT to use the term 'modern dance' in talking about my work. People hear the word 'modern' and they give you a... More >>

  • Taking the Hit

    published May 14, 1997

    ELIZABETH STREB IS on the phone from New York at the uncivilized hour of 7 a.m., talking (lucidly) about falling flat down... More >>

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