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1998 Stories by James Cook

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  • Joseph Heller: Now And Then

    published April 29, 1998

    How close is the resemblance between Joseph Heller, an Army Air Corps veteran, and his most famous creation, the conflicted Yossarian of... More >>

  • CD ROM: A Bronx Family Album

    published April 8, 1998

    A Bronx Family Album Scalo (for Macintosh and Windows) Named for its portrait of a Puerto Rican couple... More >>

  • Ronin Ro: Have Gun Will Travel

    published March 4, 1998

    Ronin Ro Have Gun Will Travel Doubleday FOUR YEARS AFTER it was founded in 1992, Death Row... More >>

  • CD-ROM: Quake II

    published February 11, 1998

    Quake II Id Software Once upon a time, gamers thought that it couldn't get any better than... More >>

  • John Vidal: McLibel

    published February 11, 1998

    John Vidal McLibel The New Press IN 1990, THE McDonald's corporation brought a libel suit... More >>

  • Harry Crews: Celebration

    published January 21, 1998

    Harry Crews Celebration Simon & Schuster UNLIKE THE DISNEY homestead of the same name, Harry... More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1997