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  • 15 years ago | Books

    Manil Suri The Death of Vishnu W.W. Norton   VISHNU IS DYING. This pauper who has camped out on the landing of a Bombay apartment building for years is nearing his end, and he's now sprawled upon the steps. That's the grim opening premise of ...

  • 16 years ago | Books

    Zoë Wicomb You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town The Feminist Press   [Editor's note: A correction ran concerning this story; see end of article.] THE TEN STORIES in Zoë Wicomb's You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town trace the speedy maturation...

  • 16 years ago | Books

    Mark Z. Danielewski House of Leaves Pantheon   MARK Z. DANIELEWSKI'S House of Leaves opens with the ominous admonition, "This is not for you." After initially thumbing through the book I was prepared to agree. At first blush Danielewski's nov...

  • 17 years ago | Books

    Toshio Whelchel From Pearl Harbor to Saigon: Japanese American Soldiers and the Vietnam War Verso THE EXPLOSIVE ISSUES of race and the morality of the Vietnam War were central to the debates of the Sixties and early Seventies. In Toshio Whelchel's...

  • 17 years ago | Books

    Editor Keith Thomas has put his own labors into compiling an extensive selection of writings on the subject of work.

  • 17 years ago | Books

    Pak Wans (breve)o My Very Last Possession M.E. Sharpe IN THE SOCIALLY charged fiction of Pak Wans (breve)o, a single phone call can be loaded with meaning. The title story of Wans (breve)o's collection My Very Last Possession takes the form of a m...


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