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  • Mark Mallman's New Year's Eve 2009

    published December 30, 2009

    No matter how dark his lyrics (see "Death Wish"), it's difficult to believe Mark Mallman is a serious sad sack. (Picture a sweaty full-grown man... More >>

  • Hunting Club

    published December 16, 2009

    Listening to the first minute and 45 seconds of "Yours Truly" by locals Hunting Club, music snobs prone to making comparisons might have the band... More >>

  • Teenage Strangler

    published December 9, 2009

    For all their whacked-out screechiness and their creepy name, you wouldn't expect Teenage Strangler to be so upbeat. The local trio sound sort of... More >>

  • A Paper Cup Band

    published December 2, 2009

    "Bastard folk," as A Paper Cup Band describe themselves, is a perfect summary for these locals. Their acoustic numbers are occasionally joined... More >>

  • Eye of the Great Protector

    published November 25, 2009

    This is spook music at its finest. The disembodied vocals, ritualistic percussion, and otherworldly bleating make a loosely defined plot in a... More >>

  • Hollows

    published November 18, 2009

    Mixing '60s girl-pop vocals with ghoulish organ lines, the Chicago ladies (and boy) of Hollows have created a warped, modern Motown, even... More >>

  • Sun in the Satellite

    published November 4, 2009

    Sun in the Satellite dirtied their boots among local rock and psych acts the Screens, the Idle Hands, and Colfax Abbey. But their current endeavor... More >>

  • Phoenix

    published September 16, 2009

    France has a knack for exporting top-notch pop music. There was Edith Piaf, the elegant "little sparrow" with her classic Parisian sound, then... More >>

  • Sad Accordions

    published July 22, 2009

    Sad Accordions may not be as downtrodden as their name suggests, but they do seem haunted by their surroundings. In "Mousetrap," Seth Woods sings,... More >>

  • Company Inc.

    published July 15, 2009

    Company Inc. have spent years sifting through musical junk piles. Throughout their lifespan, they have fastened together abandoned trinkets from... More >>

  • Brutal Becomings (CD-Release)

    published July 8, 2009

    Brutal Becomings navigate their handcrafted maelstrom with the ease of seasoned caped crusaders. Whether they are using their powers for help or... More >>

  • Shellac

    published June 24, 2009

    Shellac's Varsity Theater performance will be a welcome-home show for Todd Trainer, drummer for the influential noise-rock trio and a Minneapolis... More >>

  • The Trashmen; the Castaways

    published June 17, 2009

    As far as the entertainment goes, the Minnesota Street Rod Association's Back to the '50s Bash has a faulty timing belt. The Trashmen and the... More >>

  • Chickadee Mountain Martyrs

    published June 3, 2009

    Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, the local honky-tonk, hanky-pank gangstas, will be making a rare above-ground appearance at the Turf Club this Friday,... More >>

  • Sinks

    published May 27, 2009

    Thrash, children. Thrash because it keeps you warm. Thrash because it's good for the heart. Thrash because it's what all the cool kids are doing.... More >>

  • Gogol Bordello; Man Man

    published May 27, 2009

    Man Man are a gypsy orchestra hailing from Philadelphia. And they're weird. (Your first clue: The band's roster includes musicians by the names of... More >>

  • Black Moth Super Rainbow

    published May 20, 2009

    Listening to Black Moth Super Rainbow is like plummeting into a Salvador Dali painting. You may not know why that clock is melting, but you accept... More >>

  • Small White

    published May 13, 2009

    Small White get an A for their class project on the history of rock 'n' roll. The local duo sound like they speed-read The Rock Snob's... More >>

  • Crystal Antlers

    published April 29, 2009

    Crystal Antlers weave an encapsulating mesh of dynamic noise: psych, blues, prog, soul. Weeping organs collide with guitar lines that sound like... More >>

  • Seymore Saves the World

    published April 22, 2009

    Seymore Saves the World wield an unabashedly positive demeanor. Theirs is a universe where the Crayola sun is always shining from the corner of... More >>

  • The Funeral and the Twilight

    published April 22, 2009

    Beneath a thick hide of melodic overtones hangs the Funeral and the Twilight's monster. It emits guttural yells and otherworldly howls, and lies... More >>

  • AIDS Wolf

    published April 8, 2009

    There would be massive head-banging at AIDS Wolf's upcoming appearance if anyone could find a beat to flop their necks to. Instead, expect... More >>

  • Gay Witch Abortion

    published March 25, 2009

    Gay Witch Abortion would be nauseating if they weren't so talented. The local duo unleashes seizure-inducing noise rock boasting proven abilities... More >>

  • Awesome Snakes

    published March 11, 2009

    One might wonder just how many songs about snakes two dopes can write. The answer is quite surprising. From "I Want a Snake" to "The Future of the... More >>

  • Black Lips

    published March 11, 2009

    Black Lips have been known to puke onstage, using their bluesy psych rock less like a shtick and more like a lifestyle. The Atlanta band used to... More >>

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