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  • 2011 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published February 17, 2010

    "Fallen Angel"

  • 2011 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published February 17, 2010

    "Fallen Angel"

  • 2011 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published December 8, 2010

    "The Opposite of Wild"

  • 2010 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published December 23, 2009

    "Favre at Forty"

  • 2010 - AAN AltWeekly Awards, published June 3, 2009

    "Saving Juju"

  • 2010 - Maggies: The Magazine Awards of Western Publishing, published October 7, 2009

    "Lisa Knows Best"

  • 2010 - Maggies: The Magazine Awards of Western Publishing, published October 28, 2009

    "The Perks of Office"

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  • How Summit and Schell are saving the prairies

    published December 31, 2008

    Jesse Theis dips his hand into a vast, steaming bed of barley at the Rahr Malting plant in Shakopee and pulls out a kernel. He cracks open the... More >>

  • Bush's parting gift: no morning-after pill for you!

    published Dec 29, 2008

    In one of his last political moves before leaving office, President George W. Bush last week pushed through a new rule permitting health care employees to refuse to provide services to which they obje... More >>

  • Alternative energy: Tipping at windmills

    published Dec 22, 2008

     While Wall Street banking types are out on their butts due to the economy, one green-leaning Minnesota banker is expanding his business and flexing his political beliefs - through wind power. "... More >>

  • Petters: Bonfire of the Ponzis

    published Dec 22, 2008

    This week the Star Tribune reported that attorneys working on cases related to Tom Petters are seeking $1 million in legal fees, for work performed since Petters was arrested on charges of defrauding ... More >>

  • MN National Guard to deploy in February

    published Dec 11, 2008

    Cpl. William Parker of Redwood Falls, Minn., (right) and Spc. Brent Haataja of Menahga, Minn., both of Company B, 194th Combined Arms Battalion, Minnesota Army National Guard, pause before leading Ira... More >>

  • Minnesota ranks fourth for health

    published Dec 10, 2008

    A new study ranks Minnesota fourth in the nation for overall health, down two notches from its number-two spot in 2007.Rankings in the 2008 America's Health Rankings report are based on analysis of 22... More >>

  • Somali imam fights back on religious holiday

    published Dec 08, 2008

    Attorney Mahir Sherif defends the imam who was prevented from flying to Mecca last month An attorney for the Somali imam who was prevented from leaving the country for a holy pilgrimage to Mecca las... More >>

  • Top-ranked schools are underperforming ... huh?

    published Dec 08, 2008

    U.S. News and World Report came out with its list of best high schools in the nation, and 13 Minnesota schools made the list. Yay high schools! The confusing thing is, those same schools are listed as... More >>

  • Feds want to know if Petters will plead insanity

    published Dec 04, 2008

    Looks like the feds want to know if Tom Petters will claim insanity as a defense in the 20 charges of fraud against him as part of an alleged $3.5 billion Ponzi scheme bilking investors. In a court do... More >>

  • Postville raids lead to lack of kosher food

    published Dec 01, 2008

    Remember the immigration raid at a kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa, this spring? Remember how replacement workers, many of them Somali Americans, filled in at Agriprocessors, Inc. after Im... More >>

  • Minneapolis's Joe Plummer supports Obama

    published Nov 26, 2008

    Minneapolis's Joe Plummer says he's enjoying a post-election respite after Republican presidential candidate John McCain made his moniker a household name.Plummer, a 34-year-old engineer with the Minn... More >>

  • Somalis leaving Twin Cities to fight in civil war?

    published Nov 24, 2008

    Map Courtesy of Fox NewsFox News is reporting that more than 20 Somali men from the Twin Cities have left the area, and their families believe they may be fighting in Somalia.Eight men left Aug.1, fol... More >>

  • TU Dance charms St. Paul crowd

    published Nov 24, 2008

    Image courtesy of TU Dance Web siteAudiences at The O'Shaugnessy theater in St. Paul this weekend were treated to a full menu of visual poetry, as TU Dance filled the stage with its buoyant, beautiful... More >>

  • Calif. disabled man can't sue anymore

    published Nov 20, 2008

    A California man who has sued 400-plus businesses for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act -- and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process -- can no longer sue, after a r... More >>

  • Somali students hear anti-violence message

    published Nov 19, 2008

    After a wave of shootings has taken the lives of several Somali men, local Somali students listened to a message of non-violence Wednesday at the University of Minnesota. The event was religion-heavy,... More >>

  • Reporter's Notebook: It's your birthday, it's your birthday

    published Nov 14, 2008

    When moving to a new country, there are always a bunch of funny little differences you have to get used to. For Somalis, one of those things is our American tendency to focus on our birthdays. In Som... More >>

  • Here come the bikes!

    published Nov 14, 2008

    By the time spring has sprung and your little feet are itching to dance around outside, you might have a free bike to ride. The City of Minneapolis is working on a plan to have public bike kiosks in D... More >>

  • Minneapolis Somali community facing dark web of murders

    published November 12, 2008

    On Monday, September 22, Asha Hagi-Mohamed woke her 20-year-old son Ahmednur up at around 5:30 a.m. so that he could pray. Asha had busied... More >>

  • How now cash cow: U of M says comfy cows make big bucks

    published Oct 31, 2008

    A University of Minnesota researcher has found a way to make dairy cows more comfortable. Marcia Endres, an associate professor of animal science at the University of Minnesota, says that cows whose s... More >>

  • What's up with Metro Transit?

    published Oct 24, 2008

    What’s up with Metro Transit? On Thursday, a Metro Transit bus hit a female biker at around 11 a.m., causing her legs to snap and pop as the wheels rolled over her thighs, according to a witness int... More >>

  • Minnesota job outlook worsening

    published Oct 24, 2008

    Think the job outlook is bad now? It could get worse.The latest employment forecast from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) shows that the state will have about 30,... More >>

  • Should baseball pay for sidewalks?

    published Oct 24, 2008

    The Star Tribune is reporting that the Minneapolis City Council is split over who should pay for needed traffic improvements around the new Twins ballpark. The fuss is over whether to charge the ballp... More >>

  • Mac Hammond's Living Word church faces off with the IRS

    published October 22, 2008

    It's Sunday morning and the 11 a.m. church service at Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park is in full swing. Hands sway in the air as... More >>

  • Red Lake shooting settlement hearing today

    published Oct 14, 2008

    The families of slain students and survivors of the 2005 Red Lake shooting in Northern Minnesota have reached a settlement with a company hired to develop crisis plans for the school. A hearing on the... More >>

  • Register to vote today!

    published Oct 14, 2008

    If you want to be registered to vote before Nov. 4, do it today. Oct. 14 is the state deadline for pre-registering for the election. To register, bring a registration form to the Secretary of State's ... More >>

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