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  • A Shot in the Dark

    published August 4, 2010

    Spanning genres and decades, the newest exhibit at the Walker Art Center, "A Shot in the Dark," showcases pieces that range beyond their... More >>

  • Smell the Glove: A Spinal Tap Tribute

    published July 28, 2010

    To every rock 'n' roller who dreamed that your amps would go to 11, this is the art show for you. CO Exhibitions will be hosting an exhibit... More >>

  • The Art of Conflict: Identity in War and Displacement

    published July 21, 2010

    Last year, Minneapolis became the sister city to Najaf, Iraq, a town less than 100 miles south of Baghdad. Expanding on these efforts of cultural... More >>

  • Artery Twentyten

    published July 21, 2010

    Now in its third consecutive year, "Artery" is a strange collage of dance, film, art, performance, and more. This installment, "Artery Twentyten,"... More >>

  • Internet Variety Store

    published July 14, 2010

    The internet is coming to Minneapolis this week. Okay, so the internet may already be here, but you have never seen it like this.... More >>

Archives: 2010