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1997 Stories by Emily Carter

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  • Four Funerals and a Wedding

    published December 10, 1997

    Here Comes the (Burning) Bride: Shabana Azmi finds forbidden love in Fire. More >>

  • Secret Member

    published September 17, 1997

    PETER CATTANEO KNOWS very well what he's left out of his movie. The director of The Full Monty--a comedy about six... More >>

  • Lilith's Library

    published September 10, 1997

    The cover of the book catalog promises almost utopian tranquility. On a sun-drenched hardwood floor swathed in Native American... More >>

  • Between the Bright and the Dworkin

    published June 4, 1997

    A certain famous French thinker declared in the early 1980s that there was no such thing as sex. There was an activity,... More >>

Archives: 2005 | 1997