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  • <i>Motown: The Musical:</i> Berry, Just Shut Up and Let Them Sing

    Motown: The Musical: Berry, Just Shut Up and Let Them Sing

    published Dec 19, 2014

    Motown: The Musical reeks of a vanity project. It's subject? Motown founder Berry Gordy. It's author? Berry Gordy. The difference here? Gordy has access to some of the finest R&B, soul, funk, and pop... More >>

  • 7th House Goes into the Belly of <i>Jonah and the Whale</i>

    7th House Goes into the Belly of Jonah and the Whale

    published Dec 18, 2014

    Usually, a new musical arrives following years of development and work, often with a few workshops, or with a tryout out of town. Not so for 7th House Theater. The company's new work, a bluegrass-inf... More >>


    The Hothouse Is a Sharp and Funny Shock to the System

    published Dec 17, 2014

    Harold Pinter's The Hothouse is a dark, brutal, and often very funny exercise in faceless oppression. Think Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy crossed with The Office.The action takes place on Christmas Day... More >>

  • <i>The Longest Night</i> Embraces the Darkness, Finds the Light

    The Longest Night Embraces the Darkness, Finds the Light

    published Dec 16, 2014

    Considering the weather has been more like London (minus the rampaging mobs of Keep Left signs) than the Twin Cities over the last few days, a pick-me-up was in order. Bradley Greenwald's celebration... More >>

  • Dark & Stormy Gets Into the Holiday Spirit (?) with Harold Pinter's <i>The Hothouse</i>

    Dark & Stormy Gets Into the Holiday Spirit (?) with Harold Pinter's The Hothouse

    published Dec 12, 2014

    Apart from the fact that it takes place on that holy day, it's hard to call The Hothouse a Christmas play. After all, Harold Pinter's early black comedy is set in a nameless facility where bad things... More >>

  • <i>The Booby Trap</i> Offers Unhappy Dinner with Happy Results

    The Booby Trap Offers Unhappy Dinner with Happy Results

    published Dec 11, 2014

    Theater has lots of scenes of drinks, dinners, and desserts full of people who make terrible guests. You can add the quintet in Marc Anthony's The Booby Trap to that list. This is a broken family tha... More >>


    A Klingon Christmas Carol Is Absorbing, But Less Funny than You'd Expect

    published Dec 10, 2014

    You'd expect something called A Klingon Christmas Carol to be a laugh riot. You'd expect wrong. Originally created by Commedia Beauregard, this twist on Charles Dickens's enduring tale returns after ... More >>

  • <i>A Christmas Story: The Musical</i> Is Better Than a BB in the Eye

    A Christmas Story: The Musical Is Better Than a BB in the Eye

    published Dec 09, 2014

    It's pretty easy to be grumpy about a musical adaptation of a beloved film, especially one as iconic as A Christmas Story. It's a bit like It's a Wonderful Life: The Musical. Still, the Ordway produc... More >>

  • <i>The Booby Trap</i>: It's Like Throwing a Hand Grenade into a Mine Field

    The Booby Trap: "It's Like Throwing a Hand Grenade into a Mine Field"

    published Dec 05, 2014

    Marcus Downs's new play, The Booby Trap, is a holiday show -- but don't run away yet. The play works to find middle ground between two archetypes: the sweet holiday experience (think A Christmas Caro... More >>

  • <i>The Whale</i> Enters the Overworked Heart of Darkness

    The Whale Enters the Overworked Heart of Darkness

    published Dec 04, 2014

    Walking Shadow Theatre Company isn't the kind of group to give you a traditional holiday show, but The Whale hits a lot of the familiar buttons, just in a decidedly darker, harder, and far more honest... More >>


    Fur Trade Comedy Beaverdance Pits Dancing Beavers Against Capitalism

    published Dec 03, 2014

    Beaver orgy. That's the image that sticks after seeing Beaverdance: a half-dozen actors in beaver costumes doing the virtual nasty with a burly voyageur. Throw in a pair of gay fur-trading bosses &md... More >>

  • <i>The Cocktail Hour</i>: Give Me a Drink, <i>Please</i>

    The Cocktail Hour: Give Me a Drink, Please

    published Dec 02, 2014

    Early on in A.R. Gurney's meta-theatrical play The Cocktail Hour, playwright John (Ron Brogan) tells his father Bradley (Peter Thomson) that his next piece is named for the family's early-evening trad... More >>

  • Relics

    published November 12, 2014

    You are all invited to a gala opening of a new exhibit — one that looks back at the far-flung past of 2014. In Relics, a team of... More >>

  • Grounded

    published October 29, 2014

    Frank Theatre has never shied away from tackling tough, hot-button topics through its two-and-a-half-decade history. Their latest is the area... More >>

  • Murder Mysteries

    published November 5, 2014

    Neil Gaiman was primarily known as a comic-book writer when he penned "Murder Mysteries" for the Dreamhaven-published Angels and Visitations two... More >>

  • <i>Beaverdance,</i> Others Provide Post-Thanksgiving Theatrical Cheer

    Beaverdance, Others Provide Post-Thanksgiving Theatrical Cheer

    published Nov 26, 2014

    The turkey, or vegetarian substitute, has been eaten. Everyone is out of grape salad jokes. The Black Friday sales have been either conquered or destroyed. There's still plenty of a long weekend ahea... More >>


    Shakespeare Mash-Up Love's Labour's Lost Is Worth Your Time

    published Nov 26, 2014

    When the Moving Company chose to reshape Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost, it imported dialogue from the Bard's three dozen plays, creating a touching and tragic meta-ride. Those positive results a... More >>


    Walking Shadow Moves to Mixed Blood to Present The Whale

    published Nov 25, 2014

    There's a 600-pound challenge at the heart of Samuel D. Hunter's The Whale. And it's one the creators at Walking Shadow Theatre Company are more than willing to take on. The play's title refers to ma... More >>

  • <i>A Christmas Carol</i>: Still a Comfy Ride

    A Christmas Carol: Still a Comfy Ride

    published Nov 24, 2014

    When a theatrical tradition reaches 40 years, critics tend to take cover. After all, how many times can we review the story of Scrooge learning the true meaning of Christmas on the snowy streets of ea... More >>

  • The Moving Company Recreates <i>Love's Labour's Lost</i>

    The Moving Company Recreates Love's Labour's Lost

    published Nov 21, 2014

    The Moving Company brings Shakespeare's early play Love's Labour's Lost to the Lab Theater starting this week. While it retains the title, you won't find much of the original play inside. Instead, th... More >>

  • Seedfolks

    published October 1, 2014

    Sonja Parks will play nearly a dozen characters in Children's Theatre Company's Seedfolks, an adaptation of Paul Fleishman's Newbery... More >>

  • CTC's <i>Grinch</i> Still Brings Holiday Cheer

    CTC's Grinch Still Brings Holiday Cheer

    published Nov 20, 2014

    The holiday season has plenty of traditions, especially at local theaters. While the Children's Theatre Company doesn't present Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas every year, it is usually a w... More >>


    Relics Misses Opportunities in Far-Future Look at Our Modern World

    published Nov 19, 2014

    Everyone loves a good apocalypse story — the Rapture, a zombifying plague, a planet of highly intelligent and pissed-off apes. Relics, a new experimental work presented at the Guthrie's Dowling... More >>

  • Nat Fuller Ready for Latest Turn in <i>A Christmas Carol</i>

    Nat Fuller Ready for Latest Turn in A Christmas Carol

    published Nov 18, 2014

    For the past quarter century, Nat Fuller has spent his holidays onstage in the Guthrie Theater's annual A Christmas Carol. In that time, he has played practically every male role in the show, from th... More >>

  • <i>On Golden Pond</i> Offers Treat of Veteran Actors Onstage

    On Golden Pond Offers Treat of Veteran Actors Onstage

    published Nov 17, 2014

    At this point, most people are as familiar with parodies of Katherine Hepburn's performance in On Golden Pond as they are of the film -- let alone Ernest Thompson's original play. The Jungle's Bain B... More >>

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