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  • <i>War with the Newts</i> Offers Experience Unlike Any Other

    War with the Newts Offers Experience Unlike Any Other

    published May 22, 2015

    You can't accuse Sandbox Theatre of not going all in with War with the Newts, which is now playing at Park Square. As you enter the Andy Boss Stage, you are greeted by seven performers, clad head to... More >>

  • Next to Normal

    published May 13, 2015

    Next to Normal is about as far from "normal" as a modern musical can get. The Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning show centers on a woman with... More >>

  • Detroit '67

    published May 13, 2015

    There’s a riot going on at the heart of Dominique Morisseau’s Detroit ’67. The play centers on an after-hours basement dance... More >>

  • Titus Andronicus/Much Ado About Nothing

    published May 13, 2015

    Mission Theatre Company finds unexpected connections between a pair of very different Shakespeare plays. Both are set in post-war lands. In... More >>

  • Hamluke

    published May 13, 2015

    If you can't wait until December's The Force Awakens for your Star Wars fix, there's a solution. Dana's Boys is remounting its... More >>

  • Forget Me Not When Far Away

    published May 13, 2015

    Kira Obolensky's three-year tour as playwright-in-residence for Ten Thousand Things ends this month with the premiere of Forget Me Not When Far... More >>

  • <i>From Darkness</i> Stumbles Despite Intriguing Concept

    From Darkness Stumbles Despite Intriguing Concept

    published May 21, 2015

    When intermission arrived during opening night of From Darkness last Saturday at Nimbus Theatre, I glanced at my watch and wondered how I was going to make it for another hour of the show. The time ha... More >>

  • Plotholes: A Fool's Foibles

    published May 13, 2015

    It's fools on parade in the latest company-created piece by Interact. Director Jon Ferguson (Theatre Forever) works with the group to explore the... More >>


    The Language Archive Subverts Our Rom-Com Expectations

    published May 20, 2015

    The Language Archive sounds a bit like a romantic comedy. Sad-sack linguist George has trouble communicating. His wife leaves him. His assistant pines for him. Will George end up back with Mary, the ... More >>

  • <i>Good Job Horses</i>: Well Met by Moonlight

    Good Job Horses: Well Met by Moonlight

    published May 19, 2015

    Good Job Horses comes and goes like a dream, as the creators push a surrealistic situation to the breaking point -- much to the delight of the audience. The latest creation from Jon Ferguson and The... More >>

  • Sandbox Returns to <i>War with the Newts</i>

    Sandbox Returns to War with the Newts

    published May 15, 2015

    In 2007, the experimental Sandbox Theatre had one of its most successful shows the with fiery science-fiction fable War with the Newts. "Still, there has always been a nagging feeling that it bottomed... More >>

  • Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play

    published May 6, 2015

    The post-apocalyptic world has long been a fictional staple. In A Canticle for Liebowitz, an order of Catholic monks preserves scientific... More >>


    One Arm: The Steamy, Southern Heart of Darkness

    published May 14, 2015

    Tennessee Williams brought considerable talents to everything he wrote, even the never-produced screenplay for his short story One Arm. Moises Kaufman (whose past work includes Oscar Wilde, Jonestown... More >>


    Ten Thousand Things' Forget Me Not When Far Away Brings the War Front Home

    published May 13, 2015

    "You can't go home again." It's a hoary cliché, but one that fuels Kira Obolensky's whip-smart new play, Forget Me Not When Far Away, which is receiving its premiere from Ten Thousand Things. ... More >>

  • Space Girl

    published May 6, 2015

    Looking for pulpy pleasures? Space Girl promises a brightly colored, cardboard-rendered future, one-part Buck Rogers, one-part Star... More >>

  • Flying Foot Forum Provides Pulse-Pounding Percussive Movement

    Flying Foot Forum Provides Pulse-Pounding Percussive Movement

    published May 12, 2015

    During the 1990s, you couldn't throw a pair of tap shoes without hitting a percussion-based dance show, as the Blue Man Group, Stomp, various Lords of the Dance, and others prowled theaters around the... More >>

  • <i>One Arm</i> Offers a New Look at Old Tennessee Williams Story

    One Arm Offers a New Look at Old Tennessee Williams Story

    published May 08, 2015

    Twin Cities audiences will get a second chance to see a rare Tennessee Williams work over the next two weekends when One Arm returns to the stage. The piece, about a boxer who turns to hustling afte... More >>

  • Ten Thousand Things Looks at Returning from War in <i>Forget Me Not When Far Away</i>

    Ten Thousand Things Looks at Returning from War in Forget Me Not When Far Away

    published May 07, 2015

    For her latest collaboration with Ten Thousand Things, playwright Kira Obolensky had her eye on a dark 1930s work by Odon von Horvath, Don Juan Comes Back from the War. She passed the script off to T... More >>

  • Fifty Shades of Gravy

    published April 29, 2015

    Two years ago, Brave New Workshop let us all know that seemingly everyone’s mom was now reading porn via their show, Fifty Shades of... More >>

  • The Reagan Years

    published April 29, 2015

    The always-busy Dominic Orlando will take audiences back to the cold-hearted, cocaine-fueled 1980s with his latest work for the Workhaus... More >>


    George Lucas Wouldn't Be Pleased with This Star Wars and Hamlet Mashup

    published May 06, 2015

    We're living in George Lucas's world. Since the King of Modesto unleashed Star Wars in 1977, there have been seismic shifts in our culture. Over the weekend, Avengers: Age of Ultron made more money t... More >>

  • <i>Space Girl</i>: Raise a Glass for the Fallen Cadets

    Space Girl: Raise a Glass for the Fallen Cadets

    published May 05, 2015

    A busy work schedule kept me from Comic Con over the weekend, but I got plenty of that geeky goodness Sunday evening at Bedlam with the pulpy adventures of Space Girl. It has it all: nefarious, galax... More >>

  • <i>For the Loyal</i> Offers Shattered Look at Sexual Abuse

    For the Loyal Offers Shattered Look at Sexual Abuse

    published May 01, 2015

    Lee Blessing's For the Loyal starts out as a typical, albeit very intense, drama. On an unnamed college campus, a graduate assistant in the football program has just caught one of the coaches with an ... More >>

  • will you still love me, tomorrow

    published April 22, 2015

    It's easy to blame the outsider when tragedy strikes, but what do people do when the horrors come from within? Katharine Sherman takes this idea,... More >>

  • <i>Space Girl</i>: We Get to Have More Theater with Cardboard Robots and Death Rays

    Space Girl: "We Get to Have More Theater with Cardboard Robots and Death Rays"

    published Apr 30, 2015

    If Comic Con doesn't provide enough geeky delights this weekend, Bedlam Theatre has you covered with Space Girl, an epic adventure that embraces the best of pulp and classic science-fiction. The adve... More >>

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