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  • The Crush

    published April 23, 2008

    Few bands speak to the Afri-Cola and black Chuck Taylor salad days of our collective Twin Cities adolescence quite like the Crush: pop punk... More >>

  • L.A. Guns

    published April 16, 2008

    With an image and a sound that evoke Alice Cooper slumming it up in a 3.2 beer joint, '80s rockers L.A. Guns have managed to project their... More >>

  • Bret Michaels Rock of Love Tour

    published April 16, 2008

    With much of this tour's marketability owing a debt to his new career as VH1's puffiest reality-show Lothario, Bret Michaels, former frontman of... More >>

  • Plastic Constellations

    published April 16, 2008

    While the local music community was eagerly abuzz in anticipation of the Plastic Constellations' imminent new record, nefarious, tectonic forces... More >>

  • Anti-Flag

    published April 9, 2008

    With Pennzoil-slick punk production and political sensibilities that seem informed by irate high-schoolers copping a drag on cigarettes outside... More >>

  • Bad Boy Bill

    published April 2, 2008

    A decade before Daft Punk dressed the club scene in jean jackets and Chuck Taylors, Bad Boy Bill, hard house's elder statesman, was spinning... More >>

  • Eels

    published April 2, 2008

    Resurrected by soundtrack contributions to Scrubs and Shrek, Mark Everett, the Eels' songwriter and principal member, has... More >>

  • Tristan Prettyman

    published April 2, 2008

    Remember all those carefree, collegiate hours you whiled away at Dunn Bros. open-mic nights? No? Well, Tristan Prettyman does, and vividly. One... More >>

  • Nada Surf

    published April 2, 2008

    Three important rules for being past your commercial prime—tour behind a solid album, remind your fans that you once charted in the U.K.,... More >>

  • Faux Jean

    published March 12, 2008

    All skinny ties and tailored trousers, Faux Jean are perpetually prepared for any photo op they may come across on their way from the Triple... More >>

  • Faux Jean Reunion Show

    published March 12, 2008

    Faux Jean original lineup reunion Uptown Bar All skinny ties and tailored trousers, Faux Jean are... More >>

  • Sherwood

    published March 12, 2008

    Sherwood issue no apologies for their pop-chart aspirations, which is good, because mass appeal means never having to say you're sorry.... More >>

  • Bon Jovi

    published March 12, 2008

    When you set your personal best on that YMCA Stairmaster, Bon Jovi was there. When you made the half-mile drive home from Grumpy's Northeast... More >>

  • Consolation Champ

    published March 5, 2008

    Modesty has always been a cornerstone of acoustic folk music, but these local folkies definitely undersell themselves in their band name. Far... More >>

  • Yellowcard

    published March 5, 2008

    Yellowcard, a Florida power-punk quintet aptly named after minor soccer offenses, are the biggest thing to happen to the violin since Henny... More >>

  • Big Head Todd & the Monsters

    published March 5, 2008

    Big Head Todd & the Monsters keep company with Crash Test Dummies and Blind Melon as the deposed monarchs of the non-confrontational, melodic... More >>

  • A Whisper in the Noise CD-Release Show

    published February 27, 2008

    With haunting orchestral arrangements and compositions as elegant as soap carvings, A Whisper in the Noise's new release, Dry Land,... More >>

  • Royalty, Etc. 2-Year Anniversary Bash

    published February 20, 2008

    Ah, the terrible twos—that feral age before our absurd and gleeful impulses get chiseled into our permanent records. Local label Royalty,... More >>

  • Miranda Lambert

    published February 20, 2008

    A finalist on Nashville Star and winner of the Cover Girl Fresh Face of Country Music Award, Miranda Lambert has a... More >>

  • Girls Rock Your Boys

    published February 20, 2008

    We all know the ladies can split skulls every bit as gruesomely as the boys. But even if tonight yields no Saul-en-route-to-Damascus... More >>

  • La Belle Epoque Valentine's Eve Fetish Bash

    published February 13, 2008

    There's simply no sense in acting as though you didn't find Pinhead's entreaty to sample the pleasures of hell more than a little enticing. If... More >>

  • How F@#&ing Romantic: Nine bands perform Magnetic Fields's 69LoveSongs

    published February 13, 2008

    Valentine's Day, the fatted calf of the confectioner, remains a bittersweet day for even the most cerebral primates among us. Stephen Merritt,... More >>

  • Hip Hop for the Homeless Benefit

    published February 13, 2008

    After 30 years of paying lip service to the virtues of keeping it street, hip hop and some of its most selfless practitioners are posed and... More >>

  • Baby Dee

    published February 6, 2008

    Ah, the church organ. What sinister power drives its practitioners to such arcane, Byzantine lives? If you were to make case studies of Anton... More >>

  • Mark Olson

    published February 6, 2008

    When I grow up, I want a divorce as fortuitous as the one currently being enjoyed by Mark Olson and the Jayhawks, the alt-country superpower he... More >>

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