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1998 Stories by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

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  • Bull Market

    published July 15, 1998

    Why would anyone want a wading-pool-sized portion of fine wine? For the same reason you can have your Rolex made of platinum and your Mercedes's... More >>

  • Pasta the Way It's Meant To Be

    published July 8, 1998

    Broders' trenette con pesto alla genovese are elementally satisfying, the way a full-blossom sunflower is. More >>

  • I Hear Korea Singing

    published July 1, 1998

    Sunny Kim makes her Kim Bop to order, and it's the best I've ever had. More >>

  • That's Eatertainment

    published June 24, 1998

    Would I eat Perkins-and-worse-quality food in front of a big video screen of computer-generated fish next to some chintzy-looking concrete rocks?... More >>

  • Me Gusta, No Me Gusta, Me Gusta...

    published June 17, 1998

    Now I know that good people and restaurants really don't do evil things--it's just that the world is crawling with evil twins. More >>

  • We'll Always Have White Bear Lake

    published June 10, 1998

    Who needs Paris when there's haunted mini-golf, moonlight bowling, and a wild, wild river right in your back yard? More >>

  • Ripe Here, Ripe Now

    published June 3, 1998

    Surfing the vagaries of the produce trade leads to a giddy sense of being in touch with all the world's seasons. More >>

  • Soul on Nice

    published May 27, 1998

    Authenticity is high on my list nowadays, since it seems to be fast becoming one of the rarest of commodities in restaurants. Anyone for spring... More >>

  • Get an Oil Change

    published May 20, 1998

    My tongue knows olive oil as an ingredient, not a beverage. But I was determined to learn the intricate flavors inherent in the finest oils, so it... More >>

  • Tigers' Keepers

    published May 20, 1998

    At the Minnesota Zoo, a small band of tenacious experts battles to save the world's wildest beast. More >>

  • The Alchemist

    published May 6, 1998

    Brian McElrath's Zinfandel-Balsamic Vinegar Truffle is so potent and rich it seems almost meaty. More >>

  • C'est La Belle Vie

    published April 29, 1998

    I had become emotionally involved with the turnip ravioli--giddy, protective, strangely proud. You've got to taste this, I kept telling my dinner... More >>

  • Are You Lonesome Tonight?

    published April 22, 1998

    "Maybe the saloon business is done," says Bob Pine, the Manor's piano-bar maestro. "But I'm not done." More >>

  • Think Globally, Eat Locally

    published April 15, 1998

    The Local's Kieran Folliard is no stranger to turning pieces of straw into plates of gold. More >>

  • Ciao Bella, Ti Amo

    published April 8, 1998

    Ciao Bella may not be playing in the big leagues with Italian heavy hitters, but out in the minors of the first-ring suburbs it is kicking major... More >>

  • Walking in a Wiener Wonderland

    published April 1, 1998

    It happened at one of those ultra-fancy, ultra-foodie events--one of those things where every raspberry comes fitted in a miniature reproduction... More >>

  • Baht of Course!

    published March 25, 1998

    During off hours you can see Pat Sukhtipyaroge sitting at Royal Orchid's front window, carving. More >>

  • Wahoo in Walleye Land

    published March 18, 1998

    That paddlefish seemed so clearly to symbolize all that's best about Coastal Seafoods: a love of fish translated through a vast network of... More >>

  • Gulp Fiction

    published March 11, 1998

    No one wolfs her food around an oil fondue. You gotta be patient, stretch the meal out, wait for your partner to finish frying. More >>

  • Pot of Gold

    published March 4, 1998

    The kitchen at Rainbow is arranged in a C shape around the inferno of Tammy Wong's woks. More >>

  • From St. Paul, With Love

    published February 25, 1998

    If you choose to eat the Russian way, start with some vodka at Moscow on the Hill. More >>

  • Let Them Eat Shit

    published February 25, 1998

    Minnesota beef producers can begin using radiation to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life of everything from hamburger to filet mignon. But a... More >>

  • Old Man River

    published February 18, 1998

    Perhaps it's best to say that Saji-Ya has entered a period of rest after its long spate of medal-winning in the early '90s. More >>

  • Five Ways To Avoid VD

    published February 11, 1998

    Let's just all admit that Valentine's romance is like the fluffy plastic bunny those greyhounds in the Bugs Bunny cartoon chase around the dog... More >>

  • A Cure for the Twentieth Century

    published February 4, 1998

    The Blue Nile, a place where pre-tech, low-tech, and no-tech longings are not only indulged in, but celebrated. More >>

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