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1998 Stories by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

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  • Southwestern Comfort

    published December 30, 1998

    How was it that there was nowhere to go in Uptown after a movie without sucking in smoke and shouting above the din? More >>

  • The Ghost of Candy Bars Past

    published December 23, 1998

    Once this town was full of plants where the air smelled good enough to sell, where chocolate lemmings shot down conveyor belts into hungry... More >>

  • Where the Wild Yeasts Are

    published December 16, 1998

    I hate it when the rich and I see eye-to-eye on anything, because it usually means that I'm another step down the enchanting, sylvan path toward... More >>

  • Galleria Purgatory

    published December 9, 1998

    There's a special ring of hell reserved for restaurant managers responsible for no-reservations policies. More >>

  • Awesome Abundance

    published December 2, 1998

    Which is a better use of my snack-time dollars: curried deep-fried chickpea noodles or fancy mukhwas? More >>

  • Pizza Is Like Mother's Milk

    published November 25, 1998

    It's there at high-school parties. When we are drunk in college. When we are pinching pennies in Europe. But it's best at Punch Woodfire Pizza. More >>

  • How to Succeed in Business

    published November 18, 1998

    un deux trois owner Michael Morse is alarmingly honest about what a restaurant can really accomplish: "There are only so many things you can do... More >>

  • Love at First Flush

    published November 11, 1998

    Hand-rolled snails of jasmine flowers and long green tea leaves unfurl like sea blossoms, releasing a scent like woodland flowers in a shady... More >>

  • Soul Provider

    published November 4, 1998

    The long dining room, big ballroom, and little lounge of the old Gustavus Adolphus fraternal hall seemed like the perfect place for the ambitious,... More >>

  • Lorrie Moore :Birds of America

    published October 28, 1998

    Lorrie Moore Birds of America Knopf AS A WRITER, I hate Lorrie Moore. Her work is too good. In... More >>

  • Barracuda Baby Turtle Vodka

    published October 28, 1998

    Vintage chef Patrick Atanalian dances on the bleeding edge of the culinary avant-garde, pushing past the current "fusion" trend into a world where... More >>

  • Resisting the Global Cookie Cutter

    published October 21, 1998

    Rooster's barbecue sandwiches are piles of pulled pork shoulder, tender as bread left out in the rain and smoky as ghosts. More >>

  • Tastes Like Chicken

    published October 14, 1998

    Free-range, organic-style chickens remind you why chicken is the most widely cultivated and beloved bird in so many cuisines. Chicken tastes good! More >>

  • The Secret of the Junkpile

    published October 7, 1998

    Cheng Heng not only established my concept of Cambodian food--which no longer sounds strange to me at all--but it also got me into a nice,... More >>

  • No More Mr. Nice Chef

    published September 30, 1998

    Three months isn't a lot of time for a restaurant to work out opening kinks, but the Zander Café already seems as comforting and well-known... More >>

  • Not Ready for Prime Time

    published September 23, 1998

    Backstage@Bravo! turns in a lackluster performance. More >>

  • Eat the Revolution

    published September 16, 1998

    World-renowned chef Steve Vranian unpacks his knives in Minnesota, signalling a new bloom in the excellence of the local restaurant scene. More >>

  • Fish Out of Water

    published September 9, 1998

    Mac's Fish & Chips keeps it basic and humble with halibut filets so crisp you could spring a quarter off them. More >>

  • Knave Gazing

    published September 2, 1998

    Dara eats her way through the Renaissance Festival More >>

  • It's Not Just Corn Dogs Anymore

    published August 26, 1998

    Everyone walks into the fair with an internal checklist of must-sees, must-dos, and must-eats. These “musts” mark a personal end of... More >>

  • Sushi from the Ashes

    published August 19, 1998

    The Fuji-Ya on Lyndale is the newest incarnation of the pioneering Twin Cities restaurant. More >>

  • A Tribe Called Lucy

    published August 12, 1998

    Did the Juicy Lucy originate at Matt's Bar? That's like asking: Is there a Santa Claus? More >>

  • Platypus on 50th Street

    published August 5, 1998

    On the one hand, beer and nachos. On the other hand, wood-grilled ahi tuna with soba noodle cake. More >>

  • Sex and the Happily Married Soul

    published July 29, 1998

    This is Brie that exudes the faintest mushroomy, beefy perfume and oozes like a wet summertime kiss. More >>

  • House of the Rising Bun

    published July 22, 1998

    Good bread takes time, and so does getting back into the delicious bread business. Napoleon's French Bakery is slowly but steadily rising from... More >>

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