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  • 3 days ago | Sex

    So I Creep I'm a gay man who is ready to start cheating on my boyfriend. We've had a wonderful 3.5-year-long relationship full of respect, affection, support, and fun. I love everything about our relationship, and our sex life was great... until h...

  • 10 days ago | Sex

    I've been dating this guy for almost two months. It's been pretty good, except the sex isn't really the best. I have this other male friend who has had a crush on me. Long story short: My friend made a move on me the other night. I told him I...

  • 7 years ago | Essays

    I'm a bisexual woman, age 20, and I am threesome-ing it with my best friend and her boyfriend during a stay abroad. I knew the girl (who's mostly straight) beforehand. The girl thinks it's hot when I participate—i.e., when it's all three of ...

  • 7 years ago | Essays

    I'm a 23-year-old guy and I have been dating my 21-year-old girlfriend for about two years. We did the long-distance thing for a year, and after she graduated she moved from the East Coast to the Midwest to be with me while I finish my degree. Eve...

  • 7 years ago | Essays

    I'm a straight male and I love my fiancée. She's perfect. But while I am physically attracted to her, I find myself masturbating rather than having sex with her. She knows, but we don't talk about it—we can't—and recently she wa...

  • 7 years ago | Essays

    I'm writing on behalf of a 19-year-old guy with cerebral palsy. As you may know, CP is a brain affliction resulting from insufficient oxygen at birth, and it causes the part of the brain responsible for motor function to work incorrectly. Troubles...


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