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  • Hopper Drawing: A Painter's Process

    published March 12, 2014

    In an art-making culture now often focused on the conceptual — be it re-contextualized objects or ongoing forays into abstraction —... More >>

  • Prints and Paintings by Booka B and Lindsay Splichal

    published March 5, 2014

    The Art Leadership Program, founded by Ron Ridgeway and sponsored by OST USA, has been helping emerging artists with supplies and resources, as... More >>

  • Art(ists) on the Verge

    published March 5, 2014

    Inter- and multidisciplinary are out. Extra-disciplinary is in. Especially when we're talking about the emerging artists supported by the Soap... More >>

  • Farida Hughes: Full Circle

    published February 12, 2014

    While removing the horizon line and the human figure from her work, painter Farida Hughes innovated a compelling aerial perspective on... More >>

  • Jim Hodges: Give More Than You Take

    published February 12, 2014

    In 1994, artist Jim Hodges created one of his revelatory early works: an assemblage of doodles on napkins done at a coffeehouse, which he pinned... More >>

  • Royal New Zealand Ballet

    published February 5, 2014

    For its Minnesota debut — and first U.S. tour in more than 20 years — the ballet company from Down Under has brought a program with... More >>

  • Hollow Stone: The Life And Disappearance of Narek Grigoryan

    published February 5, 2014

    Out of David Sollie's fantastical imagination come visual fictions at once poignant, beguiling, and humorous. For instance, his Shackway... More >>

  • Objects for Consideration

    published February 5, 2014

    Chris Larson (of Northern Spark's burning Breuer house) and Chris Groth (of Automatons and the Penfolds Ampule Project) co-curated this... More >>

  • Into the Deep Dark Forest

    published February 5, 2014

    An old-master sensibility infuses "Into the Deep Dark Forest," particularly in the multimedia work of Joan Bemel Iron Moccasin. Not only is... More >>

  • Danish Modern: Design for Living

    published January 29, 2014

    With all the mid-century vintage furniture stores popping up around town, it's a wonder an exhibition focused on Danish Modern didn't happen... More >>

  • Out There 2014: Public in Private: Clément Layes

    published January 22, 2014

    The young Clément Layes is the Charlie Chaplin of French performance art. His bona fides are unsurprising for a Frenchman whose work has an... More >>

  • Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows

    published January 22, 2014

    Vivian Maier loved training her camera on the street, but never showed anyone her work. She was a nanny to three children who later pooled their... More >>

  • Still the Sky

    published January 22, 2014

    It's good to be humbled, cosmologically, whether you live in the mountains, at the center of a polar vortex, or within the vastness of the desert.... More >>

  • Made in Minnesota

    published January 15, 2014

    The centerpiece of this exhibition, curated by sculptor Wayne E. Potratz and painter Howard Oransky, is George Morrison's massive 4-by-20-foot... More >>

  • Wayne McGregor/Random Dance: Far

    published January 8, 2014

    In 2009, Northrop Dance opened its season with Wayne McGregor/Random Dance's "Entity," a mind-blowing work in which the dancers, with their... More >>

  • Weird Neighbor

    published January 8, 2014

    Now here's a concept. The latest SOOlocal show, "Weird Neighbor," is an "un-curated" exhibition by "Slovenian art theorist Ecurb Alopat" (a.k.a.... More >>

  • Dan Buettner and Rebecca Krinke: inside, for a short amount of time

    published January 1, 2014

    Public artist Rebecca Krinke, whose work resonates with whatever community it appears in, recently mounted a project called the Black Box... More >>

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