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1998 Stories by Burl Gilyard

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  • You Can Leave Your Hat On

    published December 23, 1998

    In Cannon Falls, the Class Act strip club supplies ample fodder for a legal brawl in federal court. More >>

  • Shot in the Dark

    published December 2, 1998

    Three photographers on the graveyard shift shoot the Cities' dark side. More >>

  • Head Count

    published November 18, 1998

    Northwest keeps track of other airlines' passengers the old-fashioned way. More >>

  • The Selling of Patel's Motel

    published October 28, 1998

    Just when St. Paul's City Council thought they could put the battle to bed, the Travel Inn's owner comes up with his own solution. More >>

  • Because They Can

    published October 21, 1998

    All it takes to run for governor is a signature and a batch of opinions. Ever been tempted? Meet six who took the bait. More >>

  • Oh, Henrik!

    published October 21, 1998

    A purloined sculpture of Henrik Ibsen is finally on the verge of returning to Como Park. More >>

  • A Pawn in Their Game

    published October 14, 1998

    Larry Kasella's retirement plans didn't include a showdown with the St. Paul City Council. More >>

  • Heckuva Deal

    published September 30, 1998

    For shakers and movers in St. Paul, a two-year-old scheme to put juice back into downtown hits the skids. More >>

  • Sue 'Em if You Got 'Em

    published September 23, 1998

    Hennepin County leads the next round of tobacco litigation. More >>

  • Hot Pursuit

    published September 9, 1998

    Minneapolis police say the chase that ended in the deaths of two bystanders on I-94 was by-the-book. Some other cities are throwing out that book. More >>

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