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  • Guys and Dolls

    published August 13, 2014

    To any theater company hoping to attract an audience, staging a feel-good musical staple like Guys and Dolls must seem like a guaranteed... More >>

  • Rose

    published August 6, 2014

    Taking on a one-person play is always a gamble for theater companies. While productions can incorporate any number of creative embellishments,... More >>

  • Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema

    published August 6, 2014

    With the exception of Roman Polanski, few Polish film directors have achieved name recognition with casual cinema-goers in the United States. This... More >>

  • Neverland

    published July 30, 2014

    While the remarkably skilled acrobats in Circus Juventas are mostly too young to vote, there's nothing immature about the group's artistry or... More >>

  • Beauty Is Everything: Vincente Minnelli

    published July 30, 2014

    When moviegoers grumble about how "they don't make 'em like they used to," there may be an urge to dismiss the critique as a tiresome indicator of... More >>

  • The Great Midwest Rib Fest

    published July 23, 2014

    While the southern half of the U.S. tends to garner most of the praise for perfecting the culinary art of barbeque, rare are the carnivorous Twin... More >>

  • Bare: A Pop Opera

    published July 16, 2014

    Though often obscured by the Twin Cities theater scene, the Fargo-Moorhead region has arisen as an unlikely incubator of emerging performance... More >>

  • Highland Fest

    published July 16, 2014

    With its heavy concentration of family homes and attendant inclination to slumber at a sensible hour, the Highland neighborhood of St. Paul isn't... More >>

  • Dragon Festival 2014

    published July 9, 2014

    Here in the land of 10,000 lakes, boating ranks as one of the more ubiquitous summertime activities. Even considering the myriad types of vessels... More >>

  • Black Label Movement: Wreck

    published July 9, 2014

    As a narrative setup, few scenarios allow for an exploration of human nature quite like trapping a temperamental group of personalities in... More >>

  • Legends of Comedy Summer Film Series

    published July 2, 2014

    As counter-programming to big-budget blockbuster fare, the annual Legends of Comedy at Heights Theater offers a refreshing summer alternative. The... More >>

  • 5th Anniversary Silent Film Festival

    published July 2, 2014

    While scores of films from the silent era are readily available in a multitude of convenient formats, home streaming just doesn't compare with the... More >>

  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (with Musical Olios)

    published July 2, 2014

    [Editor's Note: Shows were originally scheduled to start in June, but due to high water levels on the Mississippi were postponed. The... More >>

  • Margaret Cho

    published June 25, 2014

    Though Margaret Cho is considered one of the most influential comics of the past 20 years, her career nearly derailed before it had even begun.... More >>

  • Jackie Chan Adventures

    published June 25, 2014

    Excepting a minor (though memorable) role in the 1981 comedy The Cannonball Run, Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan had remained largely... More >>

  • The Walking Dead Escape

    published June 18, 2014

    Reenacting scenes from a favorite television show may be a common expression in fandom, but it's generally advisable for fans of The Walking... More >>

  • Eddie Izzard

    published June 11, 2014

    While the unpredictable career arc of English comedian/actor/raconteur Eddie Izzard has long resembled a prolonged dare, his latest tour, dubbed... More >>

  • Christian Marclay: The Clock

    published June 11, 2014

    When a moviegoer alludes to "watching the time" it's not typically indicative of a particularly engaging film. Unless, of course, the film in... More >>

  • Gene Hackman in the '70s

    published June 4, 2014

    Though retired from acting since the early 2000s, Gene Hackman remains a marquee draw for cinema fans. While this staying power testifies to the... More >>

  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

    published June 4, 2014

    Historic appraisals of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, have continued to be contentious. To supporters, Jackson was a... More >>

  • The Beaux' Stratagem

    published May 28, 2014

    While all stage works take time to develop, a 67-year development cycle would test even the most lenient boundaries of a producer's patience. To... More >>

  • 1939: Hollywood's Zenith

    published May 28, 2014

    While any opinionated film fanatic will readily argue a position on the greatest year in Hollywood's history, there's an incontestable reason... More >>

  • Sister Act

    published May 21, 2014

    While it's true that few trends define contemporary Broadway like the proliferation of adaptations of popular movies, cynical charges of... More >>

  • Art-A-Whirl

    published May 14, 2014

    The resurgence of northeast Minneapolis as one of the most popular dining, recreation, and entertainment destinations in the Twin Cities is old... More >>

  • Aziz Ansari

    published May 14, 2014

    Unlike the many former standup comics who have relinquished the stage upon finding success as an actor, Aziz Ansari has used his high-profile... More >>

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