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  • Amateur Hour

    published February 9, 2011

    In an all-too-familiar scenario, an aspiring artist reveals a deeply personal creation to the outside world only to be met with a humiliating... More >>

  • Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival

    published January 26, 2011

    To contemporary audiences, the word "burlesque" has a somewhat vague meaning generally associated with attractive female dancers removing their... More >>

  • 125th Saint Paul Winter Carnival

    published January 26, 2011

    It's a peculiar point of pride in the Midwestern character to take pleasure in prevailing over subzero temperatures. When a Minnesotan complains... More >>

  • Sarah Palin's Minnesota; or Hindsight is 2011

    published January 26, 2011

    Though the past 10 years have proven to be tumultuous times for our nation, no situation has been dire enough to escape mocking from the Brave New... More >>

  • The Olympic Gene

    published January 26, 2011

    For the vast majority, Olympic glory can only be experienced vicariously. Even so, some cannot help but watch the games with a lingering sorrow... More >>

  • WTF

    published January 19, 2011

    It's one thing to have the highest concentration of theaters in a particular region; it's quite another to have diverse enough programming to fill... More >>

  • Brouhaha Comedy Festival

    published January 19, 2011

    As we endure one of the fiercest winters in recent memory, besieged by unrelenting snow and frigid temperatures, the thought of adopting a... More >>

  • Minneapolis Jewish Humor Festival

    published January 12, 2011

    Though it's never advisable to attribute any trait to an entire group of people, the enduring contributions made to comedy by Jewish artists loom... More >>

  • Babe, The Sheep-Pig

    published January 12, 2011

    No matter the context, being called a "pig" is seldom considered a compliment. Suggestive of being any combination of unkempt, greedy, gluttonous,... More >>

  • Raucous Caucus: Box Wine Theatre's 10-Minute Political Play Festival

    published January 5, 2011

    As the world grows increasingly connected via real-time technology, the 24-hour news cycle has never been so in demand. Patiently measured updates... More >>

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