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  • 2013 - GLAAD Media Awards, published October 24, 2012

    "Game Changer"

  • 2013 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published October 24, 2012

    "Game Changer"

  • 2013 - Association of Food Journalists Awards, published February 1, 2012

    "Milk Money"

  • 2012 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists

    "Guard Scolded Lesbian Twins Fans"

  • 2012 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published May 4, 2011

    "Dough Boy Rises"

  • 2012 - AAN AltWeekly Awards, published March 16, 2011

    "RNC Piggy Bank"

  • 2012 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published March 16, 2011

    "RNC Piggy Bank"

  • 2011 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published June 30, 2010

    "Plagiarism Inc."

  • 2011 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published June 30, 2010

    "Plagiarism Inc."

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  • U of M student's Facebook picture used in faux nudies

    published Nov 22, 2010

    A University of Minnesota student began receiving some unsavory phone calls and text messages earlier this year from creepy men who liked her nude photos. This was unpleasant news to the U of M soph... More >>

  • Eric Kaler new U of M president: No kidding

    published Nov 19, 2010

    Here's a shocker: The University of Minnesota's Board of Regents unanimously approved its only finalist as the school's next president. Yes, Eric Kaler, the last man standing that the U thought warra... More >>

  • Chad Hartman finds no love for Steve Horner on WCCO-830

    published Nov 18, 2010

    WCCO-830's Chad Hartman doesn't understand Steve Horner's quest to criminalize ladies' night, but he tried to find some love for him anyway. On his radio show yesterday, Hartman discussed City Pages'... More >>

  • Zombie Wisconsin deerhunters decapitating quarry? [Updated]

    published Nov 17, 2010

    Since the last week of October, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource officers have reported six cases of mysterious deer decapitation in Oconto County. The seemingly obvious explanation is that t... More >>

  • 417 cars towed on last day of snow emergency

    published Nov 16, 2010

    Despite so many explicit warnings to mind the snow emergency rules, it looks like hundreds still didn't get the message before yesterday morning. The city tells us that 417 more cars were towed in Mi... More >>

  • Steve Horner sues to stop ladies' night

    published November 17, 2010

    Steve Horner thought he had finally won in Minnesota. This summer, when the state's Department of Human Rights affirmed his complaint... More >>

  • 1,047 cars towed in Minneapolis over the weekend

    published Nov 15, 2010

    Well, sorry in advance if you owned one of the more than 1,000 cars that were towed during the weekend snow emergency in Minneapolis. It's happened to all of us before over here at City Pages, so we k... More >>

  • Justin Mulligan arrested for ice scraper rage

    Justin Mulligan arrested for ice scraper rage

    published Nov 11, 2010

    In a truly Minnesotan outburst of sociopathic rage, 28-year-old Justin Mulligan allegedly used an ice scraper to gouge out the eye of another man in St. Paul earlier this week, according to police. ... More >>

  • Emma Holman ID'd as woman struck by car on Grand Avenue

    published Nov 10, 2010

    Police have identified the 24-year-old woman who was hit by a car and killed yesterday as Emma Holman. The details of the crash are still unraveling, but police say Holman, who is from Bloomington, w... More >>

  • Grady Sizemore's sexts allegedly hacked by St. Cloud student

    published Nov 10, 2010

    Just ask Old What's His Name: Athletes' dongs and cell phones are a bad combination. Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore learned this last year when sexts meant only for the eyes of his girlfriend, Pl... More >>

  • Downtown Tobacco: A one-stop crack shop?

    published November 10, 2010

    On an afternoon in mid-October 2007, a customer walked into Downtown Tobacco on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis and asked the clerk for a pack... More >>

  • Tim Pawlenty vows to run on repealing 'Obamacare'

    published Nov 08, 2010

    As his final term as Minnesota's governor winds down, Tim Pawlenty is upping the anti-Obama rhetoric. In an interview on CNN yesterday, Pawlenty bashed 'Obamacare' by bragging about how he commanded ... More >>

  • R.T. Rybak laments fire department cuts: Q & A

    published Nov 04, 2010

    Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak's 2011 budget proposal calls for at least 32 cuts to the fire department. Many in the department think personnel levels are already too low, making it more dangerous than ... More >>

  • Man Down: Follow the paper trail

    published Nov 03, 2010

    Much of the information in this week's feature, "Man Down," comes from fire reports, national studies, statistics maintained by the city, and various other documents. Sure, some of the paperwork is ki... More >>

  • The fall of Bob Fletcher

    published Nov 03, 2010

    The RNC 8 people who got arrested before the Republican National Convention must be celebrating about now. With most precincts reporting, it seems challenger Matt Bostrom has upset Bob Fletcher in th... More >>

  • Michele Bachmann declares victory

    published Nov 02, 2010

    It wasn't even close. Republican incumbent Michele Bachmann steamrolled her Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark, to win a third term in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District by a 53-40 percent margin... More >>

  • Andy Mannix

    Minneapolis Fire Department faces perilous future

    published November 3, 2010

    The first rigs pulled up to McMahon's Irish Pub at 6:02 a.m. It's still unclear how and when the fire started, but by the time the engines... More >>

  • Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark yell down to the wire

    published Nov 01, 2010

    It was probably a good tactical move on part of KSTP to throw Independence party candidate Bob Anderson between Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark in its Sixth District congressional debate yesterday. ... More >>

  • St. Cloud fire engine burns at fire station

    published Oct 29, 2010

    This has got to be a little embarrassing. A fire broke out in a St. Cloud fire station this morning, destroying a rig and causing smoke damage to the building. At lease one fire fighter was even admi... More >>

  • Barack Obama polls highest with Minnesotans in a year

    published Oct 26, 2010

    Just a hair more than half of Minnesotans approved of Barack Obama's job as president as of last week, according to a new Star Tribune poll. That's the highest poll rating Obama's seen in Minnesota in... More >>

  • Duluth News Tribune turns against Jim Oberstar

    published Oct 25, 2010

    For the first time in three decades, the Duluth News Tribune did not endorse Congressman Jim Oberstar. Oberstar has been a huge asset to the 8th District, says the DNT -- this is a guy who helped bui... More >>

  • Khari Tillman accused of teaching nephew to roll blunts on YouTube

    published Oct 21, 2010

    A 32-year-old Rosemount man is accused of sending his Blunt Rolling 101 lesson to his 15-year-old nephew viral. After Khari Tillman gave the pointers, the two allegedly toked up together with the cam... More >>

  • Eyedea's death: The police report

    published Oct 20, 2010

    ‚ÄčThe Twin Cities lost one of its most prolific rappers last weekend.Micheal Larsen, aka Eyedea, was nationally respected in the indie hip-hop scene since before he was old enough to buy a beer. His ... More >>

  • Chi Psi adopts house dad to boost public image

    published Oct 20, 2010

    This already sounds like the makings of a straight-to-video National Lampoon movie. In hopes of boosting its public image, the University of Minnesota's Chi Psi fraternity -- known as "The Lodge" --... More >>

  • U of M president skirted the details on Troubled Waters fiasco

    published Oct 19, 2010

    In response to Minnesota Data Practice Act requests, the University of Minnesota unloaded a deluge of e-mails on reporters over the weekend related to the college's decision to cancel the "Troubled Wa... More >>

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