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  • 20 years ago | Essays

    Stacy Cochran's first film, My New Gun, ran about halfway through before I started getting into it--and even then I wasn't sure why. Who knew where she was going or what it all meant, but she had me. I'd fallen into the trap of thinking it was abo...

  • 20 years ago | Pop Culture

    ICA ProjectsWhen I was about 10 I saw Time Bandits for the first time--and I had never been so confused in my short life. As I watched writer/director/animation legend Jan Svankmajer's Faust, I was transported back to that time when confusion reig...

  • 21 years ago | Longform

    Against my better judgment, I watched the Golden Globes, that annual industry joke that's more of an event than an honor. Curiosity--and the spectacle of all those stars gathered together in one place, looking glamorous--got the better of me. Afte...


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