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  • Andrew Broder talks about his new band, the Cloak Ox

    Andrew Broder talks about his new band, the Cloak Ox

    published Dec 30, 2010

    ​"An ox is a castrated bull, trained to work..."Andrew Broder, Martin Dosh, Jeremy Ylvisaker, and Mark Erickson are now the Cloak Ox, a new band. Where to start? Not with "super group" -- an overuse... More >>

  • YouTube Killed the Parody Star: 2010's Worst Parodies

    published Dec 29, 2010

    ​The year of someone's Lord two-thousand some-odd was monumental in many ways, a zeitgeist perfectly embodied by emerging artists like Ke$ha and Far East Movement. But where there's smoke there's fi... More >>

  • Gorillaz' iPad-Created Album, 'The Fall'

    published Dec 28, 2010

    ​Nearly one year ago I was, along with hundreds of others, sitting on the internet while Steve Jobs revealed the iPad to a sniggering and goose-pimpled public. Chatting with my boss, I explained how... More >>

  • Remix Bob Dylan for fun and profit

    published Dec 21, 2010

    ​Want to go to SXSW for free? Like Sony Music Entertainment Corporation? Then you might like to try your hand at remixing Bob Dylan for a contest sponsored by Sony. I did, and boy is my rage tired..... More >>

  • Prince Welcomes New Jersey 2 America at the IZOD Center

    published Dec 16, 2010

    ​Prince's Welcome 2 America "tour" (he's playing in New Jersey and New York) kicked off last night in East Rutherford, New Jersey's IZOD Center (like the pants, yes...and no, it's doubtful the Minne... More >>

  • R. Kelly, 'Love Letter,' and the creepy wink

    published Dec 14, 2010

    ​R. Kelly's Love Letter currently sits atop the iTunes Album Chart, and we ask: What?Kanye's dick pics did little to harm his reputation, and Miley Cyrus's salvia bongabout will likely result in lit... More >>

  • "Cooler Than Me"? Yeah, no shit Posner

    published Dec 10, 2010

    ​Guest Post by: Royal Riley Hey fuckers! Royal here. It's Friday, it's cold as a witches tit out, and I'm BUGGING OUT that this song "Cooler Than Me" was named a best single by iTunes! Don't misint... More >>

  • Hall & Oates: 8 awesome moments

    published Dec 09, 2010

    ​In anticipation of Daryl Hall and John Oates' performance at the State Theatre tomorrow night, we tried to come up with a way to honor them.As it turns out, that's pretty easy! Here are eight thing... More >>

  • MC/VL's final show, album announced

    published Dec 07, 2010

    ​Ill-getting spaz-rap duo MC/VL have been noticeably absent from our radars for a spell, presumably working on new songs and perfecting the art of tandem beer wasting. At least half of that is right... More >>

  • Auto-Tune: A look back at it's history

    published Dec 06, 2010

    ​Everyone's sick of hearing about Auto-Tune - it's used on what sounds like every (pop) song these days. It's an exasperating practice that, similar to lip-syncing, is profoundly transparent and aff... More >>

  • The Chicken Wang: America's newest dance thing

    published Dec 03, 2010

    ​Miami: home of...a lot of club nights, um...Dexter, high-quality cocaine (I'm guessing?), several iterations of the MTV Beach House, the presidency of George W. Bush (that's a stretch), and now the... More >>

  • Grant Cutler's ambient 2012 project: A ridiculous interview

    published Dec 01, 2010

    ​Today, tipped off by Radio K, our early morning was brightened (after a fashion) by a new project from Grant Cutler called 2012, from which he had recently posted two ambient meanders due for a vin... More >>

  • Lupe Fiasco's Modest Mouse-cribbed single 'The Show Goes On'

    published Nov 30, 2010

    ​It's been close to three years since Lupe Fiasco's The Cool was released, a follow-up to his Grammy-nominated and universally-lauded debut from 2006 Food & Liquor. In the mean he... More >>

  • David Lynch, musician?

    published Nov 29, 2010

    ​Legendary film director David Lynch officially embarked on a new career today: musician.Good musician, though?The music of Lynch's films, composed almost exclusively by the avant-genius Angelo Bada... More >>

  • Robyn set to return to the Twin Cities in February

    published Nov 23, 2010

    ​Just a week after playing the Fine Line (about which we were stoked and filmy) Robyn has announced another tour, coming to the Mainroom on February 13.While she enjoys her new-found mega-success (i... More >>

  • 13 tangentially magical songs to celebrate Harry Potter's return

    published Nov 19, 2010

    ​The umpteenth movie in the Harry Potter series is being released today. I love these movies -- other than filling me with a sense of profound jealousy, they're the best movies to cozy up and fall a... More >>

  • The Beatles move to iTunes amidst a storm

    published Nov 17, 2010

    ​Monday morning Apple posted a typically cryptic teaser on their homepage, the message reading "blah blah you'll never forget blah" and hinting at what everyone wants: cloud-based iTunes. Well that ... More >>

  • Grinderman

    published November 17, 2010

    The humor and grit that Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn P. Casey, and Jim Sclavunos have duct-taped Grinderman together from is an anguished,... More >>

  • Kirk Hammett kicks child video

    published Nov 16, 2010

    ​ But was it an accident?Yes, most definitely. But also painful.The video, uploaded by a member of the Australian audience to Live Leak, shows Hammett doing his thing: kicking big black balloons tha... More >>

  • Danzig rep issues statement on last week's cancellation

    published Nov 15, 2010

    ​Last week we were disappointed to report Glenn Danzig had found The Cabooze an unsuitable venue to perform in and canceled, with little notice, his show there. As our short interview with Cabooze e... More >>

  • Jay-Z and Cornel West discussion simulcasted today at Minneapolis Central Library

    published Nov 15, 2010

    ​The Jigga penned a memoir. Co-written with journalist dream hampton (Source, Village Voice, SPIN), Decoded unpacks Shaun Carter's journey from Brooklyn to Manhattan -- the rote tale of pauper to pr... More >>

  • Danzig pulls out of Cabooze show at last minute

    published Nov 10, 2010

    ​Last night Danzig, sourpuss extraordinaire, was scheduled to appear at the Cabooze in support of his new record, Deth Red Sabaoth, that no one's heard of. Looks like it will probably stay that... More >>

  • Michael Jackson's newest record said to be fake

    published Nov 09, 2010

    ​The biggest pop star in the world - a claim that is now at least arguable, well over a year after his death - is having a difficult week. There's chatter that the recordings on his upcoming Decembe... More >>

  • Yeti Records, in pictures

    published Nov 08, 2010

    ​After seeing the quietly mighty Shahs at Jake and Lisa Luck's new record store on Saturday evening, we returned Sunday to take some pictures of their charming nook. It seems that Jake and Lisa pick... More >>

  • Velvet Davenport prep first LP with a video and single

    published Nov 04, 2010

    ​Parker Sprout, the brain and heart of Velvet Davenport, spent last winter recording to four-track his nearly here Warmy Girls, Velvet Davenport's third release on local label well-on-the-rise Moon ... More >>

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