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1997 Stories by A.S. Hamrah

Archives: 1997
  • Virtual Electronica

    published August 6, 1997

    "IT'S ALMOST LIKE heresy, this kind of stuff," says Paul Higham while showing me what looks like a duck's head sitting atop an... More >>

  • Foxy Lady

    published July 16, 1997

    IN THE HEART of every citizen there is a drag queen just yammering to get out and do a big ol' false-eyelash-batting, hair... More >>

  • Ermo by Evergreen Entertainment

    published March 26, 1997

    One of the great things about home video is that it allows you to see extraordinary movies that namby-pamby distributors... More >>

  • Lumière and Company Fox Lorber Home Video

    published February 12, 1997

    To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Lumière Brothers' invention of motion picture photography in 1995, Philippe... More >>

  • 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her video

    published January 1, 1997

    New Yorker VideoJLG/JLG Cinema ParallelMost... More >>

Archives: 1997