Zombie Pub Crawl will be binge drinking in a different neighborhood this year

Andres Perez

Andres Perez

[This post first published June 22.]

In 2005, 150 or so zombies gatherered in a northeast Minneapolis park in search of brains and a few beers. Thirteen years later, the bar crawl has expanded into a street party hosting thousands of zombies, has broken Guinness World Records, and has mostly been quarantined to the downtown area.

This year, however, the Zombie Pub Crawl will be going back to its roots, taking over northeast Minneapolis.

The announcement was made this afternoon, and details are sparse. However, the new neighborhood may help the hordes of drunk and undead spread out, leading to less destruction (seriously, don't walk around the area after this party -- it's usually vomit city).

While the participating bars and brewpubs are a big draw, so are musical acts. Past lineups have included Smash Mouth, Andrew W.K., Ja Rule, Third Eye Blind, and T-Pain. No word yet what revelers can expect in 2018, but event organizers promise they'll release that info in August.

The big event will be on October 13. Early bird tickets are up for sale now for $19.99.