Zombie Pub Crawl VI announced

Zombie Pub Crawl VI announced
Photo by Jessica Armbruster

It's the pub crawl that not only refuses to die, but grows exponentially stronger each year. According to the crawl's official Facebook page, over 8,000 attendees have committed to rising from the grave to celebrate.

This year's booze walk for the undead is scheduled for Saturday, October 9. Zombies who take to the streets will find drink specials, karaoke, concerts, and friendly tomfoolery along the way. Dig up some old duds, take a roll through the dirt, and pour some blood over your head using the recipe from this page.

Although the crawl is still mostly along the West Bank, the event will be a little different this time around. Due to last year's massive surge in attendance, zombies will be required to purchase a wrist band before fully taking to the streets (and bars). Bands will be sold in advance for $5, or $10 in designated parking lots. In addition to crowd control, the wrist bands will also allow organizers to pay people, including poster artist DWITT, who until recently had been paid in beer.

Wristbands can be picked up outdoors at Acadia Cafe or the 501 Club, where they will also zombie you up if interested. The crawl kicks off at 4 p.m. at both locations (this year will not begin at Gold Medal Park).

Looking for the music lineup? Check out Andrea's post outlining the shows for the evening.

For more information, visit the event's newly updated website.

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