Zombie Pub Crawl announces date


Undead folks with a busy social life, mark your calendars: The date was recently announced for 2011's Zombie Pub Crawl via the unholy organization's Twitter account.

Are you excited to ravage the bars along the West Bank?

[jump] The big day of the drunken zombie uprising will be Saturday, October 8 from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. This year's theme has yet to be announced (and generally has little bearing on the tone of the crawl anyway). But if you have some ideas the zombie team are currently taking suggestions, and the winning name will win 10 tickets to the bar crawl.

Last year's Zombie Pub Crawl was as epic as usual, with tens of thousands of zombies turning out for beer and food specials along the West Bank of Minneapolis. In an effort to curb crowds and rowdiness--obnoxious drunks are obnoxious drunks regardless of the costume--the event was ticketed and wrist bands were issued to crawlers. Though the turn-out was huge, the tickets were cheap and the line for them was quick, so there was still plenty of fun to be had regardless of there being less chaos.

For more information on this year's party, check out the event's website which will be expanding in the coming months to include updates, band announcements, ticket sales, videos, and recipes for blood.