Zombie Pub Crawl 2014: The Best Looks


Last Saturday night, zombies wandered into downtown Minneapolis. There were brain-eating contests featuring pros, plentiful amounts of beer, and live music from the likes of Prof, Juicy J, and Steve Aoki.

While some zombies simply covered themselves in black eye shadow or fake blood, others went all out, putting time and effort into their looks. The following is a shout-out to the zombies with the most creative, gross, and neat looks. All photos are by Mike Madison.

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Best Zombie Makeup

Those over-the-eye flesh wounds are pretty rad.

Best Zombie Makeup, Part 2

Where did his lips go?

Best Zombie Makeup, Part 3

This is also a pretty neat effect for a look without fake wounds or prosthetic elements. Also, love the zombie fawn in the background.

Best Group Effort

Zombie ballerinas are adorable.

Best Group Effort, Part 2

These zombie... skeletons did a great job with their overall look.

Best Disney Princesses

So that's what happened to Belle and Snow White.

Best Hair

You might want to consider this your weekend look.

Best Zombie Crossover

Chewbacca zombie: Better than Christmas special Chewbacca.

Prettiest Zombie

The flowers, soft curls, and iridescent makeup is really working here. You might want to consider adapting this for your day-to-day look.

Most WTF-Worthy Accessory

Looks like someone failed their taxidermy final...