Zipline over the Mississippi may be one Super Bowl attraction you can afford


Imagine flying over all of this, only in -20 degree weather with lots of snow. Star Tribune

The Super Bowl isn't just the Super Bowl. Along with it come concerts, attractions, and exclusive light rail rides.

One such attraction will be the Bold North Zipline. According to Biz Journals, riders will start 100 feet up in the air, traveling 20 to 30 miles per hour as they fly 750 feet from Nicollet Island Inn to West River Parkway.

No announcements have been made about the price yet, but when Ziptrek Ecotours, the group behind this ride, came to the Super Bowl in 2012 at Indianapolis, rides cost a mere $10. That's 90 percent cheaper than some of the concerts coming to town that week.

While we don't know the exact price, we do know that the Super Bowl will be taking place in February, aka the dead of winter in Minnesota. So this will probably be a freaking cold ride. We suggest taping some hot hand packs to your body before heading out, and ski gear is probably the most protective. 

Mayor-elect Jacob Frey has stated that he will be the first to zip across downtown Minneapolis like Batman. 


Proposed plan for the ride. Ziptrek Ecotours

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