Zenon Dance School's open house invites guests to try out dance


There are many instances in which Minnesota is recognized on a national level; one of those would be in the area of dance. For example, Zenon Dance Company has not only received rave reviews in local publications, but also the New York Times, Village Voice, and Dance Magazine.

The company is best known for their "rare and dynamic blend of modern and jazz," according to their web page. Not only do they make it a priority to work with emerging choreographers, they can call on a number of internationally renowned masters, as well.


With these factors in place, it's easy to understand why they are known for creating such a wide scope of dance performances. Part of what makes this company so impressive, barring the prestige, is their inviting mission. For two years in a row, City Pages has rated them as the "Best place to learn to dance." Not only does Zenon invite the best of the best to their studio, they also encourage novices to come break in their dance shoes. This weekend, regardless of age, ability, or experience, Zenon is inviting guests to experience dance at their open house this Sunday. There will be free sample classes, ranging from ballet, to belly dancing, to funkstyles, to contact improvisation. All will be geared to potential students of various ages and skill sets.

The open house at Zenon Dance School is a free event happening this Sunday, January 2 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Zenon Dance Company And School.