Your Worst Winter Story: A free ride from a cop

Need a lift?

Need a lift?

This week's installment of Your Worst Winter Story features a pair of naive (and drunk) college kids, a friendly cop, and a snowstorm. (Hint: When your car gets snowed in at a party, sometimes it's better to hop a bus or crash on a couch.)

Got a story you'd like to submit? You can send us your tale of winter wackness to [email protected]. Stories that run will be in consideration for a prize at the end of the series.

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The story:

The details of the night are a bit hazy due to alcohol/other consumption, but it was my sophomore year in college. A friend and I drove to a party at an off-campus apartment. By the end of the night, snow had enveloped my friend's Ford Festiva to a point where you could barely tell the car was there. The roads were no better, so we somehow came up with a plan to call the local police to come give us a ride back to campus. To my surprise, the plan worked and minutes later a squad car pulled up next to us and started driving us back to our dorm. On the way, the officer received a call that there was someone stranded just outside of town, and had been seen walking naked through the blizzard. The officer apologized to us, and took us along on this adventurous detour. My buddy was more tipsy than I, and began asking the officer advice on radar detectors and handguns. The cop was surprisingly congenial given the mundane task of giving two (obviously) drunk kids a taxi ride in the horrible driving conditions. As we left town to find the naked roamer, the squad car slid across a curve in the road and landed right in the ditch. An hour later, a tow truck arrived to pull us out and the cop gave us a ride home. I'll always wonder what became of the mythical nude creature that was spotted wandering in a country blizzard.