You can 'win' that south Minneapolis HGTV house for $650,000

Almost 70 million tried winning this house. Only slightly fewer than that are trying to buy it.

Almost 70 million tried winning this house. Only slightly fewer than that are trying to buy it. HGTV

Back in October 2018, the house at 4112 Nawadah Blvd. in south Minneapolis sold for $320,000.

The house has more than doubled in value since then. At least that's what its sellers hope. A strong local housing market helps, sure.

So does a makeover featured on national television. The two-story, three-bed/three-bath house was redone top-to-bottom and front-to-back, and marketed last fall as a once-a-year giveaway prize by the HGTV network as part of its "Urban Oasis" series. Valued at around $700,000, the "Nordic"-style (?) home ran 1,800 square feet, with a newly constructed living room and mudroom, cozy but open interior spaces, and a wood porch and stone patio extending into its tree-lined backyard. 

Keller Williams

Keller Williams

The remodeled house was featured on an October 2 special on HGTV, and more than 69 million people entered to win. Fannie Allen, a retired accountant from Tucson, Arizona, was announced as the 2019 "Urban Oasis" winner.

Allen told the network she applies to "every HGTV contest" she can. "I love all the homes they give away. I haven't seen one yet that I didn't love."


In the case of this particular home, Allen, "an artist," was enamored with "the furniture," "those colors," "that backyard and the porch," "how it was decorated and everything."


That's terrific, Fannie! Welcome to the neighborhood! Anything else we should know about you?

She enjoys the warm weather Arizona has to offer after moving from the Southeast over 40 years ago. She is eager to continue entering the HGTV home giveaway sweepstakes and see where we go next!


Allen evidently took the ($300,000) cash prize instead, and the fancily remade house went right on being a house. The sweepstakes is back on, in a way, only instead of "Urban Oasis" brought to you by HGTV, it's called "Real Estate," brought to you by Capitalism.

All you need to win the prize is a down payment, great credit, and only slightly less luck than Fannie Allen of Tucson, Arizona. Listed at $649,000, the house hit the online market Wednesday, and realtor  Kim Eckert says -- cold be damned -- people are already clamoring to get a look.


"Oh you would be surprised!" says Eckert, who says she gave four tours last night and has another 11 scheduled as of Thursday morning. "Minnesotans are tough."

View the listing and get in line here.