'Yoon Sang Chun: Pine Tree Art Car' opens at Gallery 13

Pine trees aren't typically the first topic that comes up when discussing cars (but they aren't the last either, thanks to those notorious little air fresheners).

According to artist Yoon Sang Chun, the Korean Pine is a symbol of Korean culture and contemporary civilization. It's also the subject of Gallery 13's newest exhibition, "Yoon Sang Chun: Pine Tree Art Car."


"I dream of natural coexistence and communication between tradition and modernity, the past and present, the natural and artificial, sensibility and reason," says Sang Chun. "Artworks on display in this exhibition feature pine trees rendered in diverse, unique techniques on the car and on the canvas." The canvas he mentions are actually two 30-foot murals of an urban setting with an overlying pine tree motif.

The central focus will undoubtedly be on the car parked in the gallery. The 2002 Hyundai Accent symbolizes industrialization, and is also covered in images of pine trees. It will placed in the foreground of the canvases.

This is Sang Chun's first solo show in the United States, but he's no stranger to painting pine trees onto car hoods. He has been working with cars as a metaphor for modernity and pine trees as a symbol of tradition for several years.

According to the Gallery 13's event webpage, "Sang Chun works for and against historical, cultural, and traditional ruts and customs, demonstrated in his work by virtue of a new form, style, and direction away from traditional motifs well known in Korean Culture."

"Yoon Sang Chun: Pine Tree Art Car" opens Thursday, August 18 with an artist's reception from 7 to 9 p.m. The exhibition will be on display through September 9.