YOLO V-Day: Mafia Ink offers $20 tattoos this Friday


Just like sushi happy hour, nothing says "good idea" like a tattoo sale. But if you really want some new ink, and you're looking for something classic or simple while on a tight budget, this event might be perfect for you. This Friday, Mafia Ink Tattoo Studio in Spring Lake Park will be offering select tattoos for only $20 a pop. 

The event's Facebook page warns people to get there early and expect to wait in line. There's no limit on the number of $20 tattoos you can get, but you will have to choose from a sheet of artwork. You can't be pregnant, drunk, or underage for the event, and don't even try to take your little kids with you. (Tattoo shops are boring for toddlers anyway.) Tips are not required, but these artists are basically doing a double-shift/overtime session/tattoo marathon, so leaving at least enough for them to get a beer afterward is nice.

The $20 tattoo sale starts up at noon and runs until 10 p.m. For more info on what to expect, and to check out more tattoo sheets, visit the official Facebook page.


$20 tattoos

Mafia Ink Tattoo Studio, LLC

8187 University Ave., Spring Lake Park; 763-208-0042

Noon to 10 p.m. Friday