Yeti Records exhibits new art

Yeti Records, a store run by husband-and-wife team Lisa and Jake Luck, is having its third art reception since opening on October 23. This Saturday's party will feature a slew of new work. The seven artists--Josh Journey-Heinz, Jessica Seamans, Hannah Mae Haugberg, Suzanne Mahoney, Mike Burrill, Matt Vision Quest, Steve Rosborough, and Lisa herself--will change up their pieces for each opening throughout the year.  

Each of the participants have a connection to the music scene. "Our original idea was to show artists in the music community," Lisa says. Part of the rationale was that it would provide a resource for local band looking for someone to do album art. "This way people could see what local artists were doing," she says, "and it would help with their selection." 

Art and music tie in with the interests of the couple; Lisa is a visual artist (she's made album covers for Daughters of the Sun and others) and Jake is a musician, playing with Leisure Birds and also Gayngs. They hope to feature a new set of artists each year.  
Matt Visionquest & Lisa Luck
Matt Visionquest & Lisa Luck

Yeti Records specialize in vinyl and offers an eclectic mix of music. They especially pride themselves on carrying a lot of local music, according to Lisa. They also aim to create a really positive atmosphere, complete with a comfy couch. Their clientele is diverse, half being women.  

All of the artists presented in the upcoming show at Yeti Records have cred in both the art and music worlds. For example, Hannah Mae Haugberg is known for her hand-painted guitar pedals with Z Vex Effects. Jessica Seamans is one of the founders of Landland printing, a graphic design and illustration studio that makes record sleeves, posters, and art prints. Josh Journey-Heinz, a band member from Knife World, has made a number of album covers over the years, as well as rock posters and zines since the late '90s. Journey-Heinz has exhibited at local galleries such as Fox Tax, in addition to creating limited edition artist books that have been accessioned into the Walker Art Center Library. And then there's Steve Rosborough, founder of Moon Glyph Records.   

"Art Beer Records 2: Yeti Records Art Show" takes place from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, April 30 at Yeti Records (3506 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis).  DJ James Leonardo will be spinning, and snacks and refreshments will be served. The record store will also be open during the party.  

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