Year in Review 2012: Fashion

Year in Review 2012: Fashion
The Shows at Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week. Photo by Nicola Losik

The Twin Cities fashion scene continued to grow and evolve in 2012. This year brought us new designers, runway shows, and even a fashion mobile. As we move forward in 2013, Dressing Room took a moment to recap the top five fashion happenings of last year.

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Minnesota designer Raul Osorio competes on Project Runway

Twin Cities designer Raul Osorio made a splash at local fashion shows like Voltage: Fashion Amplified and Pale Rider before being selected to compete in Season 10 of Project Runway. While Osorio didn't advance to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (he was eliminated in episode three, brought back to compete in episode five, and was subsequently eliminated again), one of his looks was featured in Marie Claire @Work ([email protected]).

Osorio says that while creating garments in five to seven hours isn't what he does as a designer, but he enjoyed his time on the show. Also, being eliminated the second time was easier than the first. "It wasn't as painful the second time -- it was actually quite liberating," he said in his exit interview on Lifetime. "I feel that I learned a lot, it was a great experience, and I was able to meet a few cool people." Previous Minnesota competitors on Project Runway include Christopher Straub and Danielle Everine.

Red Dress Collection fashion show makes its debut in Minnesota

Local designer Christopher Straub contributed and celebrated the Red Dress Collection in 2012
Local designer Christopher Straub contributed and celebrated the Red Dress Collection in 2012
Photo by Mackenzie Orth

After attending Red Dress Collection in New York City, CW Twin Cities host Carly Aplin decided to bring the event to Minnesota as part of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week. "The Red Dress event at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is so well-received. I thought that this type of event would be perfect for Minneapolis," said Aplin, event founder, in February. "We have the talent, we have the designers, and we have great women who can represent the cause well."

Aplin worked with MNfashion to select local designers to create custom red dresses for local celebrities. The sold-out, high-fashion runway show raised awareness about heart disease, and benefited the University of Minnesota Physicians Heart: Women's Heart Program. The 2013 Red Dress Collection will take place Sunday, February 17, and event proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women program.

Click here to see our slideshow of the 2012 event.

The first Fashion Mobile comes to Minnesota

Year in Review 2012: Fashion
Teresa Grim outside of the Fashion Mobile boutique

This year, Teresa Grim and her husband, David, opened the Fashion Mobile, Minnesota's first fashion-on-wheels retail shop. Inspired by an article in Lucky magazine, Teresa and David decided to take the fashion truck idea and run with it. "I just thought the idea was so fun. I love all the food trucks in the Twin Cities. I thought, 'If they're selling food at a truck, why can't we sell merchandise?'" said Teresa to City Pages in August. "People seem to be open to different things here in Minnesota. I think people really want unique items, and they want that boutique experience. With the Fashion Mobile, people experience something new." Like food trucks, the fashion truck travels throughout the Twin Cities to events and festivals, and people can use the truck to host private shopping parties as well.

Local designer Richard Beckel launches his collection

Year in Review 2012: Fashion

Fashion designer Richard Beckel has been designing for over 20 years. Last November, he decided to officially launch Primeau at the Calhoun Beach Club. Described by fashion stylist Hollie Mae Schultz of HMStyling on her blog as "the crème de la crème: beautiful, elegant, luxe," Beckel's collection is a unique blend of classic and contemporary design. Beckel, who was educated at Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in France, as well as Parson's School of Design in New York, demonstrated his impeccable style, sophisticated taste, and attention to detail in his debut collection. Watch the Primeau website and Facebook page for upcoming events in 2013.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week produces the Shows

Year in Review 2012: Fashion
Photo by Nicola Losik

In 2012, Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week had another successful run of the Shows. One of the best-attended events of the festival, the series features three evenings of runway shows highlighting top Twin Cities designers. This fall, a particularly moving moment occurred when local designer Emma Berg closed the Shows with two male models sharing a kiss, and a female model walked the runway in a top embroidered with the words "Vote No."

Berg described her collection, titled the Yellow Wood after Robert Frosts poem "The Road Not Taken," as representing "the polarization of our country. The paralyzing effect it has on us is disheartening. Four years ago, we were a country of hope, looking for change in a broken system. We had hope that a system could be put in place that cared for its poor, provided all individuals opportunities, and remained conscious of where government has a place and where it does not. People forget that these types of overhauls take time. It's always easier for people to take the easy road. However, it is the road less traveled that brings us to new ideas and new ways of functioning and caring for each other as a functioning modern society that lifts all of its members up rather than throw the under-privileged to the wolves."

Keep an eye on the MNfashion's website for information about its upcoming Spring Fashion Week in 2013.

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