WTF just happened? Our chat with puppet enthusiast David Liebe Hart

David Lieb Hart

David Lieb Hart Chad Cooper

David Liebe Hart, most famous for his work on Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! is coming to the Nomad tonight. Honestly, that’s about as much as we know about what you can expect.

Liebe Hart is, and we mean this with no disrespect, completely fucked in the head. He’s a musician, puppeteer, actor, painter, model train enthusiast, and an (alleged) alien abductee. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to those familiar with the man who has written smash hit songs like “Salame” and “Puberty” that giving a cohesive phone interview is just not in his wheelhouse.

Whether he was discussing his finances in explicit detail, name-dropping people who have done him wrong, or complaining about the Catholic church, we were able to get inside of the mind of one of the most unusual performers you’ll ever get the chance to see live.

The following is presented verbatim, because holy shit.

Thanks for taking some time for us today. How are you doing?

I’m deeply disappointed in my family members right now. They’ve never come to support my shows, even though I’ve financially supported them for 17 years. I’ve supported them with money, and took care of them, and then they went and sold my mother’s house without telling me. I’m going to have to redo the will and lock it up somewhere safe.

Interesting. Is being on the road helping to distract you from the family issues?

My niece said she was going to come to one of my shows in Illinois. I sent her the money so that she could come, and asked if I could see pictures of her children. She did not come to the show. So now I’m not going to worry about taking care of my white cousins anymore, even though I helped put their children through school. I’m just going to find a good Christian woman to marry.

Oh cool. Are you’re interested in finding a relationship?

I was corresponding with a woman in Bloomington, Indiana. I met her at Chase Bank, and we corresponded for eight months. Then I found out that she was married to another man. I invested a lot of time and money in that relationship. It was very disappointing.

Huh. Anyways, let’s talk about the tour. Are you seeing a lot of new faces or is it more long-time fans?

In Detroit, Michigan, our van was robbed. And then the person we paid to clean up the broken glass inside did not do a good job, so Jonah [Liebe Hart’s longtime touring partner and musician] has a dog, and if it licks up the glass, it’ll die. I had an aunt who had that happen to her. She had a great big German Shepard, and it ate glass and died. That’s a lot.

So what else have you been working on lately?

Tim and Eric are going to do some new shows on Channel 5. So they asked me to do my own show on there called I Love David, and then do some animation and recording for some of the other shows.

(Writer’s note: Okay, this is the one real thing we got from the interview. This summer, Tim and Eric announced that their entire past library, along with new content, would be coming to as “Channel 5.” Apparently, Liebe Hart is coming back to be a part of the new, online channel.)

That’s great news for fans. What about this new live show?

What’s new and unique? I’m still doing some comedy, some song, and the Q&A with the audience. I’ll also have some new puppets on tour with me, even though some of them were damaged and Tim and Eric said they would pay for the repairs.


David Liebe Hart
Nomad World Pub
9 p.m.