Writer Jack Thorne tapped to pen The Sandman film adaptation

Writer Jack Thorne tapped to pen The Sandman film adaptation

Just over two months after Joseph Gordon-Levitt revealed he's working on producing a film adaption of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel series The Sandman, the movie's nabbed itself a screenwriter.

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According to Deadline, British writer, playwright, and screenwriter Jack Thorne will bring Gaiman's words to the silver screen. Thorne, 35, is a seasoned vet of the stage and screen with plenty of theater credits to his name, including an adaptation of the vampiric tale Let the Right One In (the Swedish version, natch) that was staged in both Edinburgh and London.

Fans of U.K. television will recognize Thorne's small-screen work, even if they don't yet recognize his name. He's written for long-running hit series Skins and Shameless. (Both shows ventured across the pond to the U.S. in 2011. MTV's faux-edgy reboot of Skins flopped pretty hard, while Showtime's Shameless is still thriving and just got renewed for a fifth season.)

What does this mean for fans of The Sandman? Both Skins and Shameless feature a whole host of characters, which means that Thorne already knows how to juggle a bunch of characters and multiple story lines -- two things found in abundance in Gaiman's work.

Thorne won BAFTA awards for his work on both This Is England '86 and The Fades in 2012, and recently helped with the script on the superb apocalyptic feature film How I Live Now.

Rumor has it that Thorne is also the frontrunner to pen an adaptation of Gaiman's latest 2013 novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, for director Joe Wright, too.

Do you think Thorne's the right guy to bring Gaiman's stories to the big screen? Weigh in below in the comments.

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