Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern shooting graphic novel movie in the Twin Cities

Rock the Garden: Where everybody knows your name. Well, at least if you're Woody Harrelson.

Like dozens of eagle-eyed folks at the festival on Saturday, I too have a, "Whoaaa, I just saw Woody Harrelson" story. Only... I didn't realize it was him until much later. 

A pair of friends let me in on the open secret that Harrelson was somewhere at the Walker. I was supposed to be on the lookout for a bearded guy in a hat and sunglasses. So like, half the dudes on the hill?

Word of the actor's presence was spreading, and the big question on everyone's mind was: What the hell was Woody Harrelson doing at some concert in Minnesota? 

Mid-afternoon, I locked eyes (strong maybe, since we were both wearing shades) with someone that vaguely resembled a younger version of The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker out of costume: scruff, mirror shades, a baseball cap, loose button down. Long after Belle & Sebastian closed the show, I went onto Twitter and scrolled through #RockTheGarden only to find that random guy on the hill was actually Harrelson. 

Turns out the True Detective actor is in the Twin Cities shooting a movie along with another HBO darling/alum, Laura Dern.

According to the Pioneer Press, the pair are in town shooting Wilson. Yesterday's one-two punch of thunderstorms and blustering wind messed with the film crew trying to shoot a scene at the St. Paul Farmers Market. 

Wilson is based off of the 2010 Daniel Clowes graphic novel of the same name about a misanthrope living in Oakland, California. Looks like Harrelson is set to play the surly title character with Skelton Twins' Craig Johnson directing and Clowes penning the screenplay. 

Harrelson is no stranger to the Twin Cities. In 1999, he directed a production of his play Furthest from the Sun at the old Theatre de la Jeune Lune (R.I.P. Jeune Lune).

Production for Wilson will be shooting at a few different places around the Twin Cities throughout the summer, so there'll probably be a few more opportunities to see off-duty Harrelson with his awesome weed socks and comfy pants. 

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— Walt Dizzo (@wdizzo) June 21, 2015