Wizard World Comic Con: Fascinating insights from the celeb panels


This weekend, Wizard World Comic Con took over the Minneapolis Convention Center for three days of panel talks, celebrity sessions, yoga adventures, and cosplay. Here are some of the funniest and most insightful information we gleaned from the top celeb talks during the event.

Barry Bostwick

What he's known for: Barry Bostwick is probably best known for playing Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But many may be even more familiar with the actor, whose career spans some 40-something years, through TV shows like Spin City, or guest spots on programs like Supernatural, New Girl, and Masters of Sex.

The vibe: Bostwick was playful with fans, and made plenty of jokes at his own expense.

Memorable quotes:


"I'm really not like Brad, though people treated me like Brad. That is how good my acting is."

"You'd like to see me in drag?" he teased a fan. "I'm in room 20..."

Fun facts:

— Bostwick claims to have done coke with Meatloaf in a limo on the way to the Rocky Horror set, though he says he didn't really inhale. (Maybe he is a little like Brad after all.)

— He still keeps in touch with Alan Ruck from Spin City.

— His favorite cast to work with was on 1984's George Washington.

— He auditioned for Repo! The Genetic Opera for the role that eventually went to Anthony Stewart Head.

— He regrets not auditioning for the role of Sam on Cheers, and turned down a potential spot for the original Saturday Night Live cast.

— Apparently last Christmas' Krampus caused one of his latest projects, Sleighbells, also about Krampus, to be delayed.

— He once bought a house from Beau Bridges only to tear it down.

— He also ended his panel with the "Time Warp."

Kristin Bauer

What she's known for: Kristin Bauer quickly won fans over as True Blood's Pam. She's also known for playing Maleficent on Once Upon a Time.


The vibe: The Racine, Wisconsin native was sweet and genuine with fans, and even told an epic story about why she'll never do an improvised movie again (Dancing at the Blue Iguana was a stressful and confusing set, apparently).

Memorable quotes:

"No, I thought they were sacred," Bauer responded when asked if she ever ad-libbed lines on True Blood.

Fun Facts:

— Her mom was late for a hair appointment when her manager and agent conferenced called her about doing Once Upon a Time. Neither could agree on whether or not she should take the role. So she flipped a coin.

— She had a good laugh watching Josh Dallas film a CGI battle sequence on set. Later, she found out it was her character being killed.

— Women still come up to her and flash their hands, in reference to an episode of Seinfeld where she played a lady with manly hands. Sometimes she doesn't know whether to console or compliment the hands.


Jewel Staite

What she is known for: Staite played Kaylee Frye in the super-beloved television series Firefly and the film Serenity. She's also known as Dr. Jennifer Keller on Stargate Atlantis, and for her role as Caroline Swift in The Killing.

Memorable quotes:

"We got to go to Disneyworld for free," she said when asked about the perks of being a Disney kid. "We got to ride the rides, go to the front of the line. It's the best job for a kid."

"The Winchester brothers are little peaches," she said when asked about her time on Supernatural.

Fun Facts:


— This weekend, Staite was saying at the hotel which hosted AniMinneapolis, so she was a little confused about the colorful crowd when checking in.

— "Out of Gas" is her favorite Firefly episode.

David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz from Grimm

Vibe: High on news that the show has been renewed for another season, the cast was in a good mood.

Memorable quotes:

"They're the only thing stinkier than me on set," joked David Giuntoli of working with babies on set. "They get more respect than anyone else on the show."


"I was buried alive in Fiji by a gravedigger for Road Rules," recounted Giuntoli when asked about his experience on the MTV show. 

Fun Facts:

Grimm is very popular in Brazil.

— Someone everyone loves is dying in the season-five finale.

David Ramsey


What he is known for: Ramsey is best known for his roles on TV shows, including Anton Briggs on Dexter, John Diggle on Arrow, and guests spots on programs like Castle, CSI: Miami, and Blue Bloods.

Vibe: Pretty much every question asked sent Ramsey on a tangent, and the audience was loving it. Dude is really charming and funny. Oh, and this is a guy who knows as much about the fandom as the average comic-book reader. This guy knows his stuff.

Memorable quotes:

"That thing is a small town!" Ramsey said of the Mall of America while talking about where he had been so far in Minneapolis. He also enjoyed a meal at Sawatdee. "That was some of the best Thai food," he said.

"People are down to Earth here," Ramsey, a Detroit native, said of Minnesota. "It's just regular folks."

"I hope you don't like Felicity," he joked while talking about Arrow spoilers.

"The set is literally brighter," said Ramsey when speaking on The Flash versus The Arrow.

Another big difference between the Arrow and Flash sets: "We don't have pop on set. They have Mountain Dew in a can!"

"He's an idiot in the sweetest way possible," said Ramsey of his co-star, John Barrowman, who is Arrow's biggest prankster.

Fun Facts:

— He said he was planning to head over to Paisley Park on Sunday to pay his respects to Prince.

— Moon Shadow and Spectre are two (kinda obscure) characters he's intrigued by and would love to play.

— He's totally cool with his Arrow character not getting to wear a crazy costume like some of the other cast members. (We love our comfort and ice cream too, Ramsey.)

James Marsters

What he is known for: Marsters is probably best known as Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, but he's also had notable turns on shows like Supernatural and Torchwood, as well as providing voice narration for The Dresden Files audiobooks. 

Vibe: Marsters was super friendly and chill, joking as he took the stage that he wouldn't be answering questions about Buffy, Angel, or Dresden Files that Sunday morning (he did and had plenty of fun stories to tell). 

Memorable quotes:

"We were pretty sure that Josh was flushing us down the toilet," said Marsters when asked about the Buffy music episode.

"When you're being paid to perform a sex act, what it's your job description?" he queried when asked about his nude scenes for Buffy.

"Honest answer? I don't know," said Marsters when asked if Sarah Michelle Gellar or John Barrowman is a better kisser.

"I'd rather kiss John than anybody," he eventually conceded after explaining that their similar career backgrounds make for trusting and comfortable interactions.

Fun Facts:

— Marsters was cast as Spike three days before filming was to begin.

— At one point, showrunners considered giving his character a Southern accent, as Marsters can pull off a pretty great one.

— Like many theater pros, Marsters can do a ton of different accents. When he decided to try his hand at television and film, this was a great asset.

Angel was canceled when Josh Whedon attempted to give an ultimatum that backfired. The CW was hoping to create a runaway hit for some sort of Dracula TV show helmed by John Wells, former producer of ER. Rather than have Angel's renewal in limbo as the pilot was filmed, Whedon opted instead asked to be given a yes or no. The studio went with Dracula, which never aired.

— Marsters' makeup for Spike's vampire face only took 20 minutes (which is an incredibly short amount of time!).

— When he took on the role of Spike, he decided to play the part method, and as a result ended up pretty depressed. "There's a side of acting that a good therapist would tell you, 'Don't do that.' But it works," he said.