Winter party in Rice Park, Friendsgiving Blingo, MCAD's massive art sale: A-List 11.20-26

MCAD Art Sale

MCAD Art Sale Grace Olson

 Here are some great things to see and do this week.


Kyle Kinane
Pantages Theatre

“I’m semi-retired or in ‘phase three,’” says comedian Kyle Kinane. “But I don’t know what either of those mean.” The upshot is that he’s not touring week in and week out. “You can’t just tour and do comedy,” he explains, “because then all your comedy is about touring or—god forbid—something you ingest from the news, and that’s not what I want. You can get great jokes that way, but then you get sad because you’re reminded of how terrible things are.” Instead, Kinane takes chunks of time off to live his life. “I took all summer off and took a little vacation with the missus. I rode my bike and tried to have as much fun as possible.” A comedian’s comedian, Kinane is predominantly playing theaters, which fits in well with his overall career path. “I’ve always looked at the long game,” he says. “I’m not trying to be someone else. If someone wants me to act, I’ll do it, but I don’t live in L.A. to do auditions. I came here to do spots and be in a place where comedy will get you noticed. All that other stuff has been fun, but I love standup.” That being said, he’s still a bit uneasy with playing theaters. “I’m a real funny $25 dollar comedian,” he states. “I’m not a funny $50 comedian.” 7 p.m. $29. 710 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612-339-7007. —P.F. Wilson

Alyssa Baguss works in an installation for her latest show.

Alyssa Baguss works in an installation for her latest show. Image courtesy Mia


Alyssa Baguss: You Were Never Here
Minneapolis Institute of Art

How often do you find yourself enveloped in nature? How often do you find yourself admiring nature via a technological or smart device? The latter more than the former is a good guess for many. This is why Minneapolis-based artist Alyssa Baguss has created three new large-scale works: to challenge our perceptions and examine how our relationship with nature is changing because of technology. She takes our mediated experience several steps further with installations: one of imagery from Lake Itasca; another of Silverwood Park’s oak savannah, using forestry camera data; and another created from the map-folding technique known as the Miura fold. Get immersed and become aware. Find her work in the MAEP Gallery as part of the Minnesota Artists Exhibitions Program. Free. 2400 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-870-3131. Through March 1 —Camille LeFevre

Dana Gould
Acme Comedy Co.

It’s that time of year again. The leaves change color, the temps dip, and Dana Gould performs at Acme. “Yeah, I usually come through during autumn like a seasonal flu,” he says. It’s been an odd year so far, though. While Gould was on tour with close friend Bobcat Goldthwaite, the two were involved in a pretty serious accident. “As we were pulling into the theater in Atlanta, we were T-boned. We broke our ribs on each other.” Both have recovered fully and plan to resume that tour, which is being filmed for a special, sometime next year. Meanwhile, in addition to touring on his own, Gould is doing his podcast, finishing a screenplay, and developing a new TV series. “I like to keep busy,” he notes. As a viewer, though, he can’t keep up with other TV shows. “There are four new streaming services,” he says, “and people are recommending shows to me I’ve never heard of. And they say, ‘It’s from the people who did this other show.’ And I haven’t heard of that one, either. I have children and a life; I can’t follow 17 different shows. I still watch Dragnet. Jack Webb knew how to tell a story economically.” 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday; 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. $18-$20. 708 N. First St., Minneapolis; 612-338-6393. Through Saturday —P.F. Wilson

Ted Hearne: In Your Mouth
Walker Art Center

After losing grant money from a few major corporations, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra has had to make cuts. As a result, this is Liquid Music’s last season with SPCO (the series hopes to continue on through new partnerships). This remarkable project, which encourages collaboration between varied and unexpected creatives, is heading to the Walker Art Center this week. This edition, which is a co-presentation and co-commission with the museum, features composer, singer, and conductor Ted Hearne. Hearne brings diverse styles to his compositions, drawing on chamber music, jazz, electronic music, and pop songs. His latest project finds inspiration in Dorothea Lasky, known for her pointed and decidedly feminist poetry. (She also has an amusing Twitter presence, and recently released a book with Alex Dimitrov featuring astrology for poets.) Hearne’s 12-song suite traverses everyday life and heartbreak, and will be performed in conjunction with a real-time installation by conceptual artist Rachel Perry. Daniel Fish, who brought a dark and highly lauded revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! to Broadway this year, directs. 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday. $26. 725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis; 612-375-7600. Through Friday —Sheila Regan

Chris Distefano
Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy

Native New Yorker Chris Distefano has some new neighbors. “It’s like this hipster person that loves yoga classes, fruit shakes, racial harmony; the ‘we’re going to make a difference!’ type. No, man. You’re going to get shot.” He explains further: “Listen, I know you’re having a good time with yourself, but you’re on a unicycle. Have a good time, but you come down my block on one wheel we take that as a direct threat.” He concedes that New York has a reputation for being a bit rude. “Nobody’s nice to you, but I prefer that,” he adds. “These new people are so nice it’s offensive. They have manners. ‘Good morning, sir.’ Who the fuck are you? Don’t talk to me. I know you’re new here, and if you see something, say something. Other than that, we’re just out here getting bagels and going back home.” In addition to standup, Distefano has hosted shows on MTV as well as MSG, the Madison Square Garden sports network. His first hour standup special, Chris Distefano: Size 38 Waist, premiered earlier this year. 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday; 9:45 p.m. Friday; 7 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday. $16-$23. 408 E. Broadway, Mall of America, Bloomington; 952-858-8558. Through Saturday —P.F. Wilson

what if
The Lab Theater

In the Moving Company’s latest production, what if, the stage provides a means of reshaping perception, presenting the world from divergent angles while considering the unseen connections that bond us together. Collaboratively created, the ambitious new work derives its inspiration from antiquity, hearkening back to the ancient and medieval worlds with storytelling tropes where people are locked in eternal conflict. Presenting these opposites in a contemporary context, the group looks to lend a more expansive spectrum to our vision, suggesting that even our fraught opposition constitutes an essential part of our shared existence. The show is in previews November 21-24. For tickets, visit 7:30 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays (no show on Thanksgiving); 2 p.m. Sundays. $20-$38. 700 First St. N., Minneapolis; 612-333-3377. Through December 29 —Brad Richason

'Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberley'

'Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberley' Rich Ryan

FRIDAY 11.22

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley
Jungle Theater

When Jungle Theater presented Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley during the 2017 holiday season, there was a heightened degree of curiosity. The play is an imagined sequel to Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s beloved tale of five sisters balancing social expectations and inner aspirations. Affixing a new appendage to such a revered story demonstrates tremendous audacity, but to succeed with such heartwarming aplomb speaks to the talents of Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon, playwrights attuned to the nuances of the original text. Set two years later, Miss Bennet finds four of the siblings reunited for the holidays at the estate of eldest sister Elizabeth and her husband, Mr. Darcy. This story, however, focuses on the most overlooked sister, the wickedly smart but painfully introverted Mary, who stumbles upon a potential romance of her own with the equally earnest Arthur de Bourgh. Their bantering dalliance forms the comic core of this crowd-pleasing holiday reprisal that marks the return of director/lead Christina Baldwin and former cast members Sun Mee Chomet, Anna Hickey, and James Rodriguez. Newcomers include Reese Britts, Roshni Desai, Andrea San Miguel, and Jesse LaVercombe. The show is in previews November 20-21. 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays (no show on Thanksgiving), plus Tuesday November 26 through December 10, Sundays in December, and Monday, December 23; 2 p.m. Sundays in December. $40-$50. 2951 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-822-7063. Through December 29 —Brad Richason

MCAD Art Sale 2019
Minneapolis College of Art And Design

Every winter, just before Thanksgiving, MCAD hosts this huge alumni and student art sale, with pieces packed into every nook and cranny of the event’s space. There will be over 7,000 items for sale by over 400 artists working in just about every medium imaginable: paintings, sculpture, photography, jewelry, comic-book illustration, furniture, and more. Prices and sizes are just as varied; you might score a tiny $25 masterpiece or a $1,000 work that covers your entire entryway. This is a three-day event. Thursday’s VIP reception will include appetizers and beverages. If that $150 ticket price is way too much for you, don’t worry: There will be plenty of potential purchases at Friday’s more economical reception, and still many opportunities to find a treasure at Saturday’s free open sale. Pick a corner and pore over every possibility, or wander the halls until you find something that catches your eye. 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. $150 Thursday; $25-$30 Friday; free Saturday. 2501 S. Stevens Ave., Minneapolis; 612-384-7917. Through Saturday —Jessica Armbruster

2010 Artblok 2019 Holiday Sale
2010 Artblok

This weekend, Artblok is hosting an open studio night showcasing over 30 artists working out of the building. New artists this year include stone- and crystal-jewelry maker Karlotta Designs, and Johanna Helmin, whose paintings feature portraits and guitars. Returning favorites like Foci MN will offer highly giftable glass ornaments and other festive items. Should you require sustenance, Totally Baked Donuts will be serving up vegan/gluten-free treats in seasonal flavors. 5 to 10 p.m. Friday; noon to 8 p.m. Saturday; noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Free. 2010 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. Through Sunday —Jessica Armbruster

Marlin Levison/Star Tribune

Marlin Levison/Star Tribune


Welcome Winter
Rice Park

As the weather turns frigid, Rice Park turns into a winter wonderland, enticing locals to enjoy holiday decorations, celebrate the coldest months at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, and skate at the ice rink until it melts into spring. It all begins again this weekend with phase one: twinkling lights. Leading up to the big plug-in will be a handful of family-friendly activities and entertainment, including performances from the Minnesota Dance Collaborative and the Teddy Bear Band. Following a brief opening ceremony will be the grand finale, where the giant tree will be lit with sparkling lights as fireworks go off above. Phase 2 will be on December 6, when the Winter Skate starts up. This year it’s moving from the Landmark Center to the St. Paul Saints’ ballpark, where the 40-foot super slide will also return. 4 to 7 p.m. Free. 109 W. Fourth St., St. Paul. —Jessica Armbruster

Barrels & Beards
HeadFlyer Brewing

Magically, facial hair is bringing people together to raise funds for a good cause. This Saturday, the Minnesota Beard and Moustache Coalition is teaming up with HeadFlyer Brewing for an evening of beer, beards, and philanthropy, raising money for the American Cancer Society. During the day, two unique takes on the brewery’s barrel-aged imperial stout will be offered: a Vanilla BAMF’D and Coconut BAMF’D. Singer/songwriter Preston Gunderson will provide tunes. Folks with smooth faces are welcome here too, of course. 1 to 10 p.m. 861 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612-567-6345. —Jessica Armbruster

Grrrl Scout: Half Dozen
Varsity Theater

Grrrl Scout is throwing a birthday party at the Varsity, as the LGBTQ dance night is turning six. The evening will include a set from queer disco-rockers Static Panic, along with performances from Jac Pau, founder of Transcendance Cabaret, which features BIPOC, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming artists. Foxy Tann will play master of ceremonies as host. In between bits you may want to wander over to the market area, which will host a pop-up featuring masc/androgynous secondhand/vintage business Show Pony, plus gender-inclusive pins from Land of 10,000 Bottoms. 21+. 9:30 p.m. $10.75/$12.50 at the door. 1308 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis; 612-217-7701. —Jessica Armbruster


Blingo Carlos Gonzalez


Friendsgiving Blingo
Sisyphus Brewing

This installment of Blingo will be in the spirit of Thanksgiving and friendship. For those unfamiliar, Blingo is basically bingo, only it tends to attract barhoppers rather than the church-basement crowd. Depending on the venue, the prizes are often a little less wholesome, too. Think free beer, pimp chalices, and tickets to various shows around town. Sisyphus’ Blingo is hosted by B. Louise, a drag queen who describes herself as a “clown trapped in a diva’s body.” In addition to beers on tap, there will be pumpkin pie and potluck eats; feel free to bring your own dish to share should the mood strike you. During the evening, funds will be collected for MN Youthlink, which provides services to the MN Homeless Youth Population, many of whom are LGBTQ teens. One dollar of each beer sold tonight will also benefit the organization. 7 p.m. Free. 712 Ontario Ave. W., Minneapolis; 612-321-8324. —Jessica Armbruster