Wil Wheaton beams down to Minneapolis for W00tstock

Wil Wheaton, living long and prospering

Wil Wheaton, living long and prospering

Wil Wheaton, known to Star Trekkers as Dr. Wesley Crusher, and a serious web geek, beamed down to the Guthrie this week for W00tstock, an on-again, off-again road show celebrating the nexus of pocket protectors and popular culture.

Also on hand: Adam Savage from "Myth Busters," musical goofballs Paul and Storm, Mystery Science Theater alums Trace Beaulieu, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, and authors John Scalzi and James Kakalios. And some author guy named Neil Gaiman.

Resistance must have been futile for the locals: Wheaton snapped pix of a Tardis cake by Marie Porter of Celebration Generation (which was subsequently hacked up by Gaiman), and he tweeted praise for the audience, and gave a shout out to The Current: